[Linux-aus] LUGs IRC Meeting Tuesday 24th April

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 02:05:18 EST 2012


It's that time again, chat with us in
irc.freenode.net/#linux-aus-lugsabout what you're up to in your LUG,
9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time ... yes, one hour later than previous, for the
convenience of our Perth colleagues,
at 6 p.m. their time.

Last month was a little quieter than the previous, but the topics of
discussion were:
- What's the distro you give to people who haven't used it before?
- How big is your active membership base, and how many lurkers on your
mailing list?
- JEB had a moment of confusion about what went on the previous month
(Answer: mostly JEB!)
- Distros turned out to be Debian (JEB admitted to bias), Linuxmint, Fedora
and Ubuntu.
     I complained about Unity and Gnome3, others commented they were
getting used to them.
- We then moved on to a discussion of installfests and what to install
there ... esp. as part of SFD
- The difficulty in convincing people to use FOSS, when their computer
already comes with software "for free".
- and throughout, a discussion of just exactly where AARNET's mirror is ...
I pointed out it's just a mouse click away, but nobody seemed to be
listening ;-)

If you want the log to read, just email me.

Topics for Tuesday:
- How do you convince sceptical new people who "already use a computer" to
try Linux?
- Do you run installfests? If so, how do you promote them? and how do you
promote your LUG?
- Why have I still not contacted LA's web-team about a permanent calendar
entry for the LUG IRC meets?

See you all then!
Don Knowles, Rockhampton, Australia
a Founding Member of Central Queensland Linux User Group
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