[Linux-aus] Stand up for Linux. Stop Microsoft killing Desktop Linux.

Luke Martinez me at luke.asia
Fri Sep 23 20:50:03 EST 2011

Yes, this message is as bleak as it sounds. I appoligise if you have already
seen a similar message. We need to act!

It as part of the Windows 8 OEM scheme Microsoft requires the OEM's to lock
down the computer to only run windows 8 or other "authorized" OS'es via a
signature system.[1] for "security" reasons.

Put simply, Microsoft as part of their OEM system require all new
computers shipping with windows 8 to use secure signing keys to
prevent 'unauthorized software' from running on the computer. This
will prevent all free software operating systems from running on the
computers that come with OEM by default.

So, we need YOU to stand up for Linux in Australia (and other countries)!

Simply follow these easy steps.
1. Click this link:
2. Fill out your concerns. (Find an attached letter for reference)
3. Submit with Personal Information (note result, post interesting stuff)
4. Tell your friends to do the same
5. (optional) Forward this to your favourite Linux Mailing List

Luke Martinez
me at luke.asia

Here is some more info for those who don't know:

(slide 11) [1]
http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/5552.html [2]

Here is the reference letter:

I have recently learnt that any new computer or laptop that ships with the
upcoming Windows 8 Operating System will not be able to run any other
Operating System.  Microsoft's new UEFI Secure Boot system prevents
'unauthorized software' from running on any new computer sold with Windows
8. Making a system that ships with only Micrsoft Windows not being able to
boot a copy of Linux or any other operating system. I wish to use Linux on
future computers, and this will not allow me to use Linux at all. Microsoft
is engaging in seriously anti-competitive behaviour by forcing the lockout
of all competitors. (See:
Not only will Microsoft kick out Linux off the computers, they will
prevent 'upgrading' of windows versions: creating forced obsolescence. I am
disgusted, is Microsoft legally allowed to do this? Microsoft has been
slowly becoming more anti-competitive: computing used to be about choice,
having the ability to choose the Operating System. Now Microsoft want to
have complete control.


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