[Linux-aus] Review of the Innovation Patent System - submissions due 14 October

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Mon Oct 10 22:53:08 EST 2011


Of particular mention in the issues paper is:

"8.7 Computing 
Computing is a significant technological component of granted innovation 
patents. Whilst this may not be surprising given the short commercial life of 
information technology products, the negative impacts of software patents on 
innovation have been the subject of considerable public debate. It should be 
noted that both Japan and Korea exclude computer software from being suitable 
subject matter for utility models. A lower innovative threshold for those 
patents might be very difficult to justify in the future. 

Question 11 – Computing 
Should the excluded subject matter for an innovation patent be amended to 
include computer software? Why or why not? 

So folks. Get your rational emails/letters composed and get it submitted on 

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