[Linux-aus] UEFI secure boot

Luke Martinez me at luke.asia
Thu Oct 6 00:34:35 EST 2011

Alright, i'll have to agree with you there. But, I think we can ignore the
media. We all know what's going to get more hits...

'Linux Australia mailing list has a discussion on the impact of Microsoft's
windows 8 OEM scheme" or "Linux Aus threatens Microsoft with ACCC"?

Luke Hopewell: Scratch my last email. ;)

Luke Martinez,
me at luke.asia.
-- android 2.3.4 custom build -sorry for the spelling.
On Oct 6, 2011 12:10 AM, "Bianca Gibson" <ringwraithenator at gmail.com> wrote:
> Please don't talk about *when*, there is already enough misinformation
> floating around about this. ZDnet taking the automatically generated
> response as a sign there are definitely grounds to go after MS really
> help, especially since a lot of people then think a more exaggerated
> of what they read. Today I had someone tell me we were already going after
> MS in court.
> To try and prevent the misinformation getting worse, I'd really appreciate
> you saying 'if'. I know you didn't mean anything bad by it, but take into
> account that media will be reading this and not necessarily read it
> thoroughly before reporting, so we need to watch out. I had unclear
> just before as well.
> On 5 October 2011 23:26, Luke Martinez <me at luke.asia> wrote:
>> Ah, well that's the evil in it all. We can't really make them assume
>> responsibility for the boot locking. Because they don't require them to
>> provide the ability to turn it off. As in, in court they could just say,
>> we didn't force them, speak to the oems ."
>> Hopefully that argument wont stand up when we fight them in court.*
>> Luke Martinez,
>> Me at luke.asia
>> *unfortunantly its looking less of an if, more of a When.
>> -- android 2.3.4 custom build - sorry for the spelling.
>> On Oct 5, 2011 10:55 PM, "Bianca Gibson" <ringwraithenator at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> > Sorry, I didn't write clearly.
>> > I meant that it doesn't require OEMs to allow the UEFI to be disabled
>> for
>> > users to add their own keys, as said in the article you (Luke) linked.
>> >
>> > Thanks, Bianca.
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