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Mark Walkom markwalkom at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 09:55:02 EST 2011

I'm not missing anything, I was just trying to highlight that if you want
this all inclusive event then you need to go to the lowest common
denominator and that the G rating is a good place to start.
That tied with some direct comments towards things like your muppet plays
would be a good place to start.

On 29 November 2011 09:45, Paul Shirren <shirro at shirro.com> wrote:

> No bondage, violence or sexual imagery is required to offend people or
> make them uncomfortable. If you can only think in terms of film and
> literature classification you are missing the point.
> I can do a G rated presentation with cute muppets where the brown
> muppets pick cotton, the girl muppets stay in the kitchen and make
> sandwiches, any muppet who looks or acts differently is made to sit on a
> different bus and the muppets who can't climb stairs are left outside to
> play.
> So it isn't about censorship or G ratings. I would be fine with a
> presentation on medical use of FOSS including pictures of surgery with a
> warning. Same goes for forensics.
> If we make a commitment to uphold certain values so that a broad range
> of people feel like they can participate on an equal footing then lets
> just get on and try and make it consistent and effective.
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