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elliott-brennan elliottbrennan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 18:46:13 EST 2011

Erotic and eroticism are elements of sex and 

It also implies some form of consent,  though this 
is often debated (eg. see the discussion around 
the movie Salo and related). Generally the term 
erotic or eroticism is usually used in discussing 
notions of sexual behaviour, orientation etc.

For instance, one

I'm not au fai with the previous issues but 
'erotic' is not a good version of a synonym for 
sex or sexual, rather something which may be an 
element of sexually-oriented actions, thoughts and 
words, literature, art <cough> etc etc.

Consequently I'd argue that the term 
sexual/sexually etc be retained as it is more 
specific and more easily understood. Hence 'sex 
education' at school. I'm not sure if the NSW 
Education Board has approved any classes in 
'erotic education....!

With the talk previously referred to, was the 
person intending to cause the audience to be 
sexually aroused??? Strange in such a conference 
if so.

The word 'fuck' has lost much of its sexual 
meaning and is given where and when I've 
heard/used it, the greater range of contexts of 
its use would mean is it used more as an 
expression of frustration or for emphasis. Even 
when uttered by pre/primary school children :))



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