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elliott-brennan elliottbrennan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 12:39:48 EST 2011

> Donna Benjamin <donna at cc.com.au>
> Mon, 28 Nov 2011 08:34:36 +1100
>> >  http://www.volunteer.vic.gov.au/resources-for-volunteer-organisations/best-practice-toolkit/manage-your-organisation/policies-and-procedures/sample-policies
> Thanks Patrick - this is a great resource indeed.

Good oh.

> We are trying to change the culture.

Fair enough too.

I've not been to any LA sponsored conference 
before but will be there next January. I'm quite 
curious as to what the atmosphere is like.

> The past incidents at our conferences have not been as extreme and
> unwelcome as at others...

I'm curious as to how such thing are handled. Are 
there specific committee members who are nominated 
to assess the incidences reported and make decisions?

Is there a written protocol? What has been the 
outcome in the past?

IANAL and though Susanne Ruthven (Hi!) has written 
she IAL she reasonably wishes to ensure that her 
comments are not taken as legal advice. Given 
this, are the conference organisers seeking legal 
advice about 'The Rules'? It would appear to be a 
prudent thing to do.

I'm a 'plan for the worst; hope for the best' kind 
of organiser when it comes to these things.

I agree with the 'broad brush' approach meaning 
that organisers have some flexibility in 
approaching any problems. However, my experience 
is that there needs to be some specifics made 
available to both guide the organisers and the 
attendees. Too specific and you miss out large 
swathes. Too broad and you risk making it too airy 
fairy and so vague that unrequited behaviour 
cannot easily be identified.

Big "Be happy" messages would be nice and, as 
someone else has said, then make the specifics 
available for those who wish to more closely 
familiarise themselves. The link or location can 
then be shown in smaller detail.

> Selena Deckleman wrote a fantastic blog post about the cultural change
> we're embracing.
> http://www.chesnok.com/daily/2011/07/23/getting-ready-for-oscon-code-of-conduct-and-cultural-change/

Thanks. Should be interesting reading.



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