[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Code of Conduct - revised draft

elliott-brennan elliottbrennan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 17:31:21 EST 2011

Though I can understand Donna's desire for a more 
positive approach, the difficulty is that if you 
*don't* identify or at least out line unwanted 
behaviour I would argue you lay wide open the 
great possibility of failing to provide grounds 
for action taken later when/if such behaviour occurs.

While it's not possible to specify every instance 
of unacceptable behaviour, it's an accepted 
standard of such policies that a person of 'common 
sense' would be able to extrapolate from those 
examples given.

NB. Before anyone writes back to argue the toss 
about 'common sense', please check with the 
Federal/your local State Ombudsman's office and 
check out Federal/your local State 
Anti-Discrimination agency/Department and 
legislation. This has been done to death for many 

Maybe the "Have a great time" and "What we would 
like" should be the first part and emphasised 
widely with posters, reminders etc. The second 
part would be "What not to do".

That way you can have big posters etc carrying the 
'Be happy' message :)) and then smaller text 
referring to the broader document which carries 
the 'don't be a nong' part.

I understand what Donna is wanting - which is a 
more positive, constructive message. I completely 
agree. I believe we also need to clearly state 
what is not wanted.

Without know what has been accessed or utilised 
already by those involved (I apologise for any 
egg-sucking inference in advance):

Some examples of what to include






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