[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Code of Conduct - revised draft

Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Sat Nov 26 14:38:40 EST 2011

On Sat, 2011-11-26 at 08:29 +1100, Alice Boxhall wrote:
> http://linux.org.au/draft-linux-australia-code-conduct
> We deliberately tried to be specific and clear about what is expected
> of attendees, and what is and is not considered acceptable. 

I appreciate this intent.

On closer reading, what I object to even more than the length, is it's
overly negative emphasis.  

I fear mandating this code of conduct would make our events seem less
welcoming, and work against our aims.

I wonder if it could be phrased in a more positive way. Could our code
of conduct be aspirational? Imagine if it sought to describe the kind of
environment and culture we hope to achieve, not just list the negative
behaviours and environment we wish to avoid.

I drafted the OSDC2010 code of conduct based on the great work by Val
and the geekfeminism crowd. http://2010.osdc.com.au/code-conduct

Since then I've heard and participated in a lot of arguments - I've
despaired and read through twitstorms and flame wars, and I've been
procrastinating about writing the CoC for DDU.

The Drupal community has a code of conduct http://drupal.org/dcoc

Jacinta Richardson very kindly offered to help me get the DDU CoC
done... but it's still currently in draft form. 

I would not be at all comfortable adopting the LA draft as it stands for

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