[Linux-aus] Annual General Meeting 2011 Minutes

Peter Lieverdink peter at cc.com.au
Sun Jan 30 14:38:19 EST 2011

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> On 28/01/2011 8:10 AM, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> > On Thu, Jan 27, 2011, Kylie Willison wrote:
> >> Wondering what the decisions were relating to several of the items
> >> raised under general business at the AGM.
> > Based on my recollections.
> Thanks Mary for filling in the details.
> Now how come they weren't in the original minutes as a record of what
> was discussed at the AGM to be tabled and accepted at next year's AGM?

No decisions on any of the topics raised were in fact made, so I couldn't minute those. Any decisions at the AGM are really only about previous minutes and finance and are a legal requirement for filing paperwork with the office of fair trading. Whilst the discussion may be relevant to members, it is not relevant to our legal obligation to file papers, showing we had an AGM. The minutes are not intended to be a verbatim transcript.

My reason for including the discussion points in the way I did was to allow any members not present at the AGM to continue discussing them on the linux-aus mailing list, after which, at some point, they may in fact lead to decisions needing to be made. Once the video is up, you can listen to the entire discussion with zero chance of me misrepresenting what attendees said. *PLEASE* continue those discussions and elaborate on the list.

I have amended Juliens name in the minutes, as per note from Jeremy and Julien himself.

- Peter.

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