[Linux-aus] Annual General Meeting 2011 Minutes

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Fri Jan 28 10:54:38 EST 2011

On 1/28/11 8:40 AM, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 27, 2011, Kylie Willison wrote:
>> Wondering what the decisions were relating to several of the items
>> raised under general business at the AGM.
> Based on my recollections.
>>> Mikal Stil asks whether the other LA event subcommittees have video that
>>> can be mirrored and whether LA has plans to replace ageing hardware.
>> What was the outcome of this suggestion?
> Event subcommittees suggestion: the suggestion I think (let me know if I am
> wrong Mikal!) was more to encourage it in future; that events such as WordCamp
> and PyCon should be encouraged to provide their videos to the LA mirror if they
> have them. There was general agreement.

Yes. The mirror subcommittee expressed a desire to have a complete 
historical archive of all LA events with video.

> Plans to replace active hardware: there was a statement that yes, LA has such a
> plan underway. (Separately Steve Walsh mentioned to me at LCA as well, in a
> timeframe of a few months. Anyone got details?)

Since then we have been asked for specs by LA, and will come up with a 
list of desires ASAP.

>>> Pia Waugh suggests subcommittees provide reports of their activities.
>> Will reports be provided to the next AGM by subcommittees?
> Josh Hesketh stated that the subcommittee policy that he is drafting (or has
> finalised?) will require periodic reports from all subcommittees. The period of
> these reports will vary depending on activity in that subcommittee (so LCA
> might report fortnightly, the mirror subcommittee might report once or twice a
> year).
>>> Jamez Polley suggests it might be a legal requirement to approve audited
>>> financials at the AGM.
>> What was the outcome of this?
> Linux Australia will actively look into this, John Ferlito and Josh Hesketh
> were aware of the new legislation too. There is a timing problem with LA's
> financial year ending on December 31, that requires that the audit be completed
> quite swiftly in order to present the audit at linux.conf.au in late January.
> One potential solution briefly mentioned was perhaps to have a Special General
> Meeting at linux.conf.au and an AGM at some other time in order to fufil this
> requirement.
> This sounded far from finalised, they mentioned seeking advice from NSW Fair
> Trading (?).
>>> Alistair ?? runs a LUG and asks whether there are plans for the council to
>>> coordinate eg a national SFD effort.
>> Are there plans for the council to coordinate a SFD effort?
> I do not recall the answer to this. It *might* have been that while such a
> thing could be of interest to LA, it would require a volunteer.
>>> James Iseppi wonders whether LA should make use of cloud and related
>>> infrastructure rather than owning physical hardware.
>> What was the outcome of this suggestion?
> I do not recall the answer to this. Anyone else?


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