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Sat Feb 26 19:56:27 EST 2011

Elliot Brennan:
> > Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net>
> > Sat, 26 Feb 2011 13:03:47 +1000
> > I also see David Newalls comments:
> > 
> > "I'm generally opposed to discrimination on the
> ...So called "affirmative action" policies fall 
> clearly
> > into this area in
> They don't.

If you put back the things that I said that you removed, the sense is different, namely that despite how these policies are worded, their outcomes are different.

> > We are all in this now because we want to be, I'd
> > stop short of saying "it's in our blood",
> You should stop short too. Such comments are 
> merely rhetorical and slyly infer some 
> 'naturalness'. There is nothing 'natural' about 
> it, ie. there is nothing in the nature of men 
> which leads you to this.

Again, selective commenting has changed Noel's meaning, to the point that it's unrecognisable.  He was talking about us, the LA community being together because it's in our blood.  Perhaps not true in all cases but it sounds like a fair generalisation.

Ironic and shameful that you say 'rhetorical and sly' using selective quotes outrageously out of context.  Picking a description that's conveniently handy, that's sly of you.
Why are some on they defence of the donation bringing this otherwise healthy discussion down to the level of personal attack and spin?
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