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Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Fri Feb 25 11:34:21 EST 2011

Hi Jon Jermey,

On Fri, 2011-02-25 at 10:54 +1100, Jon Jermey wrote:
> So you HAVE evidence. Fine. If the committee are worth their salt...

Actually - I imagine nearly every member of the current council would
have been aware of this evidence without needing to research it.

> for this grant application ...

This was not a grant application. It was a donation offered by the
council to support the foundation of the Ada Initiative.  It was not
sought by tAI it was offered because of the alignment of goals and
intent between the previous and current ELECTED councils and the
founders of tAI

> If I were on the committee... 

You are not. Neither am I.

Unfortunately, your comments - and those by david newell sadly just
display your ignorance of the issues.  I suggest some basic back reading
before you intend to further insult us, our experience, and our work in
this area.

After you've read all of Kathy's references I suggest you also might
like to check out


and finally perhaps just google
"women's under representation in IT"


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