[Linux-aus] DrupalDownunder 2012

Brian Gilbert - Realityloop Pty Ltd brian+linux-aus at realityloop.com
Wed Feb 16 13:16:33 EST 2011

Dear Linux Australia Council,

After a successful DrupalDownunder 2011, We were invited by the organisers
to plan DrupalDownunder 2012 which will be hosted in Melbourne.

At this stage we comprise:
Brian Gilbert (myself)
Jane Trinh Gilbert (my wife)
Donna Benjamin (needs no introduction)

As with DDU2011 We're looking at 200 delegates to attend and we're currently
in discussions with several well-known Drupal speakers enticing them to
submit proposals for LCA and in turn DDU (DrupalDownunder).

We'd love to be a subcommittee of LA, as has been the recommended course of
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