[Linux-aus] Some Anti-Harassment Policies considered harmful

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Tue Feb 1 13:31:06 EST 2011

On 31/01/11 20:12, Russell Coker wrote:

> Will Mark's talk be provided in video form?

As as sponsor with promotional materials on the stage can I ask
that no video be released.

We sponsored a conference with a strong and clear anti-discrimination
policy, one which closely aligns with the policies of our organisation
and of our customers. The policy was both well known and made clear to

It's beyond argument that Mr Pesce's images, imagery and language violate
that policy.

With such a large breach of trust by Mr Pesce I don't think the organising
committee owe him any consideration -- including providing materials
for people to "make up their own mind". That's being far too fair to
someone who has treated the LCA organising committee and the LCA sponsors
quite unfairly.

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