[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Code of Conduct

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Fri Dec 2 17:11:21 EST 2011

> There has been an inexhaustible supply of activity on this subject to 
> the extent that I am wondering what is this years' Linux conference about?

That's the whole point of the CoC -- it's to say that people are here for the FOSS
and Linux content and behaviour which gets in the way of that isn't acceptable.

It's also about the FOSS and Linux communities. The Geek Feminism website has
done sterling work documenting that there is a ongoing problem in the community
with its behaviour towards women. So doubtless sessions in the conference will
discuss fixing that. Just as other parts of the conference discuss other non-code
issues such as licensing, patents, source control systems, documentation,
business, etc.

> Do I need to fear that if I look the wrong way or joke in my usual 
> jovial fashion, will I get sent packing.
> I totally agree with people treating other people with respect and that 
> all attendees should feel safe at these types of venues.

I think you've answered your own question there.

> However this subject has the potential to overwhelm the main focus of 
> the conference. FOSS. The discussion on the mailing list certainly has been!

I don't think you'll see dawn to dusk sessions on codes of conduct. LCA isn't a
HR conference.

The main reason for the extended discussion is that differing media ease conversation
on differing topics.

A mailing list is actually a good place for the CoC discussion. I've been at conferences
where similar issues have been discussed in a panel session, and hearing the loons take
the microphone for five minutes at a time to give position statements disguised as questions
was time which will be deducted from my debt in Hades.

> Lets not end up burning someone at the stake for a usually insignificant comment.

Sadly, that rather understates the scale of the problem. If we get the point where the
infractions are "insignificant comment" then that would a world away from where we
are at the moment.

Best wishes, glen

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