[Linux-aus] [OT] Tune-In To The World Amateur radio gets people talking

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 16:23:50 EST 2010

A long OT thread on the LA mailing list about radio would be a bad
thing. A single community service announcement to the list, while
tangential, is no bad thing. There *is* a significant overlap between
people with an interest in radio and people with an interest in Linux
and open source.

As an aside, the LA public list currently creates the smallest
quantity of posts of any list I'm subscribed to, so I don't find any
need to delete any content a challenge.

Dale, in your original email; I suspect you may have swapped Quality
Of Service (QOS) for QSO (Contact), substituted there for their, and
left off the Maidenhead locator for the VK5ARC station - possibly


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