[Linux-aus] Notes for Council Meeting 2010/03/03

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Wed Mar 3 21:11:49 EST 2010

Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel

Attendees: John Ferlito, Michael Carden, Elspeth Thorne, Peter Lieverdink, Alice Boxhall, Shaun Nykvist

Apologies: James Turnbull, Lindsay Holmwood


    * Accept minutes of ["Last Meeting"]
      Motion to accept minutes.
      Proposed: Peter
      Seconded: John
      Unanimously accepted.

    * Report on LCA2011.
      Venue is available. Team will organise ghosts (probably 10 apr) and zookeepr hackathon. Shaun will forward draft agenda to council. VM is up and running. Shaun will ask James Iseppi to mail the ZK mailing list.

    * Discussion of banking setup for LCA2011.
      LCA2011 team to open up an account at a local Westpac. John will arrive early for ghosts and be added as signatory. Will confirm seed funding details at ghosts. Council can contact LCA2010 team via contact at followtheflow.org. Shaun will dial in at the start of every LA teleconf for an update.

    * Report on the status of bank account access.
      Waiting on Westpac to distribute PIN numbers.

    * Status update on Linux Australia Store.
      Motion to send what we have to ELX and agree to sell on consignment.
      Proposed: John
      Seconded: Michael
      Unanimously accepted.

    * Providing PLI for PyCon Au.
      Motion to approve the request, provided AAMI confirm we can extend cover as sponsorship.
      Proposed: John
      Seconded: Peter
      Unanimously accepted.

    * Don Knowles LUG support proposal.
      Alice volunteers to act as LUG liaison and join in at #linux-aus-lugs meetings.
      Motion to provide most of the services as outlined in the request; DNS, wiki area, Drupal instance and mailing list(s). Proposed: John
      Seconded: Michael
      Unanimously accepted.

General Business

Discussion of any items that provide relevant information to the council and which might generate motions for next meeting or new action items. 

    * Brendan Scotts proposal. Considering going ahead, provided findings are open.

Action Items

    * ACTION: John to forward 07/09/10 budget to Shaun Nykvist.
    * ACTION: Peter to forward 08 budget to Shaun Nykvist.
    * ACTION: Peter to email Josh hesketh and find out what is in storage in HBA.
    * ACTION: Peter to take pics of MEL merchandise and send to ELX.
    * ACTION: John to confirm with AAMI whether we can provide cover to PyCon AU and also check on the status of volunteers cover.
    * ACTION: Peter to send Alice details on lugcomms meetings and mailing list.
    * ACTION: John to reply to Don Knowles.
    * ACTION: Michael to ask Brendan for some more details on what an open report would entail.


    * Close meeting at 20:45
      Proposed: John
      No objections.

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