[Linux-aus] Advice for WordCamp organisers?

Sarah Stokely sarah at foxforcefive.com
Tue Jun 29 09:06:59 EST 2010

Hi folks,
Not sure if I should have just taken this request straight to Josh as
Treasurer, but I'm involved with planning the forthcoming WordCamp in
Melbourne. We've already put in a request for financial support to cover
insurance for the event, but we're actually after some organisational advice
We need to set up our bank account and would like some advice on the best
way to do that. Is there a particular bank/credit union which is good/easy
to deal wiith? And do we need to set up co-signatories and all that kind of
thing? I'm not actually sure of the legal status of our WordCamp group, I
believe it isn't a formal Association or anything like that (yet).
Thanks in advance. :)

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