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Hi All,

As promised, here's an edited version. Hopefully I'm kept the sense of it,
but if anyone wants the full logs, just email me.

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20:06:21 <donak>    the topics I suggested were:
20:06:39 <donak>    > - Lug in a Box/Club in a Box (declaration of self
20:06:39 <donak>    > - Software Freedom Day
20:06:39 <donak>    > - General running of a LUG
20:08:00 <jhesketh>    > - linux.conf.au 2011: Rallying interest and
20:09:43 <noorbeast>    We have had chats about LUG/Club in a box before,
but is there actual progress resulting in something usable?
20:10:56 <donak>    LUG in a box was the version that some of the LA team
was working on, but I haven't heard a lot of it lately
20:13:14 <noorbeast>    Not being critical about LIAB, but I am interested
in what other lugs use, web wise, and if there is financial support for
things such as domain reg
20:13:58 <dns53>    what does it actually include
20:14:07 <Swathe>    materials can be hosted on there, discussion forums etc
20:14:36 <donak>    afaik, website, wiki, mailing list, maybe membership
list too ...
20:14:54 <Jiko>    all a lug really needs at minimum is a mailing list or
two, a website, and maybe a wiki or similar, and some kind of membership db
20:16:54 <noisymime>    FWIW, we try to keep it simple. Our mailing list
sign up doubles as membership registration
20:16:55 <dns53>    does it have a project page?
20:16:59 <Jiko>    Swathe: of course we don't have to wait for LA to provide
20:17:24 <jhesketh>    I have a feeling (and I may be wrong) that it is
being designed to provide those things in instant deployment
20:17:32 <Jiko>    noisymime: I'm assuming that means your LUG doesn't have
any assets then
20:17:48 <jhesketh>    so either the LUG or LA could easily click a button
and create a new VM for a lug instantly
20:18:14 <noisymime>    Jiko: Beyond a donated server and a small library,
20:18:58 <Jiko>    noisymime: cool - HUMBUG is $15/year, and maintains
network equipment, and a server
20:20:51 <evil_steve>    CLUG was doing Club-In-A-Box
20:21:15 <johnf>    we are talking about lugs needing hardware?
20:21:19 <evil_steve>    the LA admin team was looking at "virtual-LUG", but
there wasn't really any feedback from the list when members were asked if
they would want one
20:21:23 <johnf>    or servers?
20:21:33 <donak>    I thought LA was doing a "LUG in a Box" too
20:21:47 <evil_steve>    donak: that's virtual-LUG
20:21:58 <johnf>    so my opinion on this (and I am also part of the LA
admin team)  is as follows'
20:22:16 <johnf>    if your LUG has admin type resources then find a nice
company to sponsor a VPS for you
20:22:19 <evil_steve>    I started looking at LUG-In-A-Box, CLUG announced a
meeting management system named the same thing, so I changed the LA server
thing to be be called "virtual-LUG"
20:23:08 <johnf>    If you don't have any admins then the problem is a bit
more difficult since you need some sort of managed service
20:23:12 <noorbeast>    So is there any support for things like reg domain
name, or are LUGs funding that?
20:23:57 <donak>    when he says "support", he means $upport :-)
20:24:52 <johnf>    I think if a LUG didn't collect membership fees and put
in a grant request to cover domain names and some nominal hosting fee then
LA may consider it
20:24:54 <johnf>    although ... not sure if current grant programme caters
for that sort of request
20:25:09 <Swathe>    another member has the fcilities to host it himself for
a nominal or no fee
20:25:31 <Jiko>    johnf: what about delegating a subdomain of
linux.org.auto a LUG instead?
20:25:48 <noorbeast>    Who would manage it?
20:25:50 <Jiko>    so something like cqlug.linux.org.au or similar for CQLUG
20:25:59 <Jiko>    even just an A record should be enough ... oh, and MX
20:26:15 <johnf>    jiko: would you want mail hosted as well? ... or just an
MX record? ... as far as just DNS. I don't think that would be a problem
20:26:35 <Jiko>    johnf: CQLUG currently has a mailing list hosted with LA,
not sure if we'd want something more than that
20:26:43 <donak>    johnf, LA is already providing us a mailing list, if
that's what you mean
20:26:46 <Jiko>    johnf: I'm just thinking for the smaller LUGS
20:27:00 <johnf>    email the council with a request and we'll talk it
through and put together a proposal to the membership.
20:29:40 <johnf>    so is this meeting regular?
20:29:53 <johnf>    if so I'll turn up reguarly or delegate it to someone on
the council :)
20:29:55 <Swathe>    i think the sub domain is a good i dea though
20:30:06 <noorbeast>    Is that Box/Club in a Box topic done now donak, is
it SFD next?
20:30:16 <donak>    it's supposed to be on the Last Tuesday of the month ...
but January didn't happen afaik
20:30:38 <donak>    yes, we can move on to SFD ... in September
20:30:55 <donak>    we've still got the blank CDs LA sent us for last year
20:31:00 <noorbeast>    Funding for signs 'please'!!
20:31:39 <Swathe>    signage would be grat
20:31:51 <Swathe>    we got some good interest despite the fact we were
tucked away
20:32:13 <donak>    and a penguin suit (which I will NOT wear)
20:33:01 <Swathe>    lol
20:33:09 <evil_steve>    FYI - The DVD's arrived in October, I just never
got around to seeing if anyone wanted them
20:33:32 <evil_steve>    so if you want the pre-printed DVD's, let me know
and i"ll sort out getting them out to people
20:33:35 <donak>    you send 'em - we'll use 'em (eventually)
20:34:52 <evil_steve>    what was provided was pre-printed CD's (and DVD's)
with no data burnt on them
20:35:18 <noorbeast>    Sorry, that is what I meant as an example of a great
initiative, any more good ideas like that
20:35:19 <evil_steve>    ie - pre-printed blanks
20:37:36 <evil_steve>    donak: the DVD's were a screw up on the printers
part, if you want DVD's,e mail me the postal address and I'll get some in
the mail
20:42:19 <noorbeast>    Worked best for us tagged on the coat tails of the
uni open day, other than lack of signs, but what works for others? Insurance
would kill Stockland
20:42:22 <Swathe>    The Local TAFE runs a night linux course
20:42:31 <Swathe>    if we could get a body up there perhaps
20:42:38 <Jiko>    the uni runs a sysadmin course
20:42:42 <Swathe>    depending on the times i am happy to go
20:43:41 <donak>    Public Liability Insurance is the one thing I do know LA
does grants for
20:45:42 <noorbeast>    What do other LUGs plan or do for SFD?
20:47:01 <noorbeast>    No ideas! Is it time to move on to General running
of a LUG?
20:48:43 <donak>    also : <jhesketh> > - linux.conf.au 2011: Rallying
interest and volunteers
20:53:42 <noorbeast>    seems not: http://followtheflow.org/
20:54:33 <Jiko>    LCA2011 committee
20:54:53 <jhesketh>    help either before, during or after the conference is
always appreciated. For example, if you can't help set up before, or pack up
after, you can still help by volunteering for the rego desk, AV team,
ushering, general info/directing etc
21:00:59 <Swathe>    <noorbeast> No ideas! Is it time to move on to General
running of a LUG?
21:01:03 <donak>    anyway, I think we've dominated the conversation enough
... either it's the end, or it's someone elses turn
21:04:58 <Swathe>    so if this meeting is over, what is the comitee or
other LUGs wanting brought to something like this?
21:05:22 <Swathe>    surely this is a great thing to have and in my opinion
should contiue
21:06:08 <Swathe>    and i would really love to hear ideas other LUGs have
had that we could use to help our little commune grow
21:07:56 <Swathe>    peghaps regional representatives wwho can attend to
bring in concerns/ideas etc to the IRC meetings
21:08:17 <Swathe>    or at least a point of contact
21:09:03 <donak>    we've got the mailing lists, just have to make judicious
use of them
21:09:25 <Swathe>    maybe a digest of the topic put forward in advance to
something a little more formal can be drawn up so these things will b
21:12:12 <donak>    anyway, I'll send that email, but for now, I declare the
meeting : Closed!
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Don Knowles
Rockhampton, Australia
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