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Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Tue Feb 16 12:43:49 EST 2010

Terry Dawson wrote:
> Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
>>> I think your idea is a very interesting one. It sounds simple enough.
>>> What would such a letter offer though? Would we not somehow need to back
>>> it up with some support option?
>> I think we could do something like this talking about e.g. Edubuntu
>> * how it is a modern and free OS,
>> * how it comes with a lot of educations software including blah and blah,
>> * how it runs on every computer,
>> * maybe even how it can be run on a win machine to test it out,
>> * where to download or order DVDs from,
>> * online forum where to get help,
>> * encourage students to try out open source software since it allows
>> more indepth learning of computer capabilities
>> * encourage advertising in newsletter etc
> Yes, perhaps you're right. The "Live CD" option does make it attractive 
> from a risk management and support perspective.

It's my experience that unless a need exists that teachers have for 
software at a price they're willing to pay for themselves and their 
students, they are not going to jump at this.

Why? you might well ask:

1. IT support will not support them
2. They dont have time to learn it themselves
3. Software exists for most of their needs under licence from whoever 
and that is supported
4. The teacher next door who they usually ask for help from has never 
heard of it.  What's more ... see above.
5. They aren't that interested, it's hard enough with overcrowded 
classes and lack of non-contact time to cope as it is.

You may want to consider going via the PD teachers networks, in SA its 
CEGSA (http://cegsa.editme.com/).  This association is part of the ACCE 
(http://www.acce.edu.au/).  If other states offer pd as my state does, 
then getting the applications offered as part of a PD series might break 
down the barriers and provide entry into the classrooms.  Each state I 
think has an annual conference of teachers, getting onto their program 
and participating in their trade shows might help raise awareness and 
break down barriers.

You might also want to seek out the IT support people to attack the 
problem from two sides at the same time.

Whatever, its a long slow process which will not bring great rewards 
quickly but its worth doing for the long term.

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