[Linux-aus] Fwd: [LACTTE] Notes for Council Meeting 2010/02/03

Terry Dawson terry at linux.org.au
Tue Feb 16 11:50:33 EST 2010

Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:

>> I think your idea is a very interesting one. It sounds simple enough.
>> What would such a letter offer though? Would we not somehow need to back
>> it up with some support option?
> I think we could do something like this talking about e.g. Edubuntu
> * how it is a modern and free OS,
> * how it comes with a lot of educations software including blah and blah,
> * how it runs on every computer,
> * maybe even how it can be run on a win machine to test it out,
> * where to download or order DVDs from,
> * online forum where to get help,
> * encourage students to try out open source software since it allows
> more indepth learning of computer capabilities
> * encourage advertising in newsletter etc

Yes, perhaps you're right. The "Live CD" option does make it attractive 
from a risk management and support perspective.

> If ppl are particularly keen, they could even put down their
> email/phone contact for enquiries - maybe we could even do a different
> person in every state.

I wonder if we could interest service companies like geeks2u.com.au (and 
similar) to take an interest in offering (paid) support?


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