[Linux-aus] Fwd: [LACTTE] Notes for Council Meeting 2010/02/03

Terry Dawson terry at linux.org.au
Mon Feb 15 16:08:36 EST 2010

Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:

> At my son's school, every few months they receive a letter (yes on
> paper) from a Microsoft certified partner about how they have special
> offers for education on their software. These letters get posted into
> my school's weekly update letter, so reach every single student. I
> can't attach a sample cause it contains username and password for the
> school.
> I am wondering firstly if such things happen at other schools, too,

I've not seen it at our kids schools, but it doesn't surprise me. The 
school newsletters take all sorts of material; some presumably paid 
slots and others community oriented.

I think your idea is a very interesting one. It sounds simple enough. 
What would such a letter offer though? Would we not somehow need to back 
it up with some support option?


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