[Linux-aus] Notes for Council Meeting 2010/02/03

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at dhanapalan.com
Fri Feb 5 09:01:55 EST 2010

On 3 February 2010 21:19, Peter Lieverdink <me at cafuego.net> wrote:
> == Council meeting ==
>  * 20:00 Wednesday, 2010/02/03
>  * Where: Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel
> In attendance: James Turnbull, John Ferlito, Michael Carde, Peter Lieverdink.

I think you mean "Carden" :)

>  * Education Show in Melbourne/Adelaide. Not seen as particularly effective. Investigate instead running workshops in conjunction with state based teacher organisations.

I'd be interested to know what the reasoning was behind this. I ran
the last Education Expo stand for LA (in Sydney) and I thought it was
very successful.

Please refer to my report at

Note that the Melbourne show is not the same as the Education Expo in
Sydney and Adelaide.

I was also an observer for LA at the Open Edge conference run by Donna
Benjamin last year, and I was thoroughly impressed*.

We are making inroads in education, and I think this is a sector where
we should be pushing hard.

* disclaimer: I was involved in approving LA sponsorship for this.

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