[Linux-aus] Free linux.conf.au swag for Software Freedom Day

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Thu Aug 26 00:34:51 EST 2010

Hi All,

Over the years Linux Australia has collected a number of swag items
that have become left over from conferences and events. To help combat
this problem of where to store it and what to do with it Linux
Australia would like to help supply registered Software Freedom Day[1]
teams with extra goodies to give away and help promote free software!

Since SFD is less than a month away we need responses as quickly as
possible! If you are running a free software promotion type event and
would like some extra swag to give away please email the Linux
Australia Council<council at linux.org.au>. If teams could email us by
the end of this weekend (that is August 29th) with a rough guess of
how many interested people they expect to pass through their event
(previous years being a good indication or just a best guess) we can
work out how to divide up the gear and mail it out.

Currently Linux Australia has the following goodies it would like to

 From LCA09:
  - Lanyards + Pouches
  - Playing Cards
  - Rubik's Cubes
  - Notepads
  - Tuz Soft Toys
  - Calico Bags
  - Various Conference Shirts

  - Blank DVDs with generic SFD artwork printed on them
  - Fossology t-shirts

And very small amounts of limited sizes of:
  - Bright orange SFD2008 t-shirts
  - Debian logo t-shirts
  - Linux Australia "Dot Tux" t-shirts

Supplies are limited, so let us know soon!



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