[Linux-aus] Open Surce DMS that will run on CentOS

Anestis Kozakis kenosti at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 12:13:23 EST 2010

I am e-mailing thsi to the list as a few people expressed interest in
if I found an Document Management System that suited the criteria

1] Ability to Tag documents with labels, and to be able to create
containers based on the labels.
2] Ability to create a container based on search criteria
3] Ability to add a variety of metadata to the documents, or the
abilty to create user-based metadata fields
4] Authorisation/Admin/User logins
5] Ability to set permissions/access controls on documents to
6] Be able to run on CentOS, with PHP 5 and MySQL 5
7] A polished front end/interface (desirable).

Well, I have found one called Kordil at http://www.kordil.net/ .  It
suits most of my cvriteria above and appears to be highly
configurable.  Instead of creating containers based on tags and
ssearches, you can create different projects and subcategories to
classify documents.

The only issue si the interface can be a bit clunky, and to edit some
of the metadata and other information you have to login as the admin
user into those sections.  Alternatively, you can edit categories and
other information by accessing the dataabse directly, if you feel
comfortable doing so.

BTW, Whilst it runs on my system under MySQL It can use other types of



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