[Linux-aus] Help in drafting a measured response.

Arthur Marsh arthur.marsh at internode.on.net
Sun May 24 00:17:27 EST 2009

Ron Skeoch wrote, on 2009-05-15 09:59:
> Hi all
> We are in the process of implementing SBR (Standard Business reporting)
> and having to deal with treasury office web sites eg.
> http://www.sbr.gov.au/content/software_developers/SDK_components.htm

The page fails to validate using http://validator.w3.org

I couldn't get more than a blank page when attempting to print using 
iceweasel (unbranded Firefox) or konqueror, but would probably print 
fine once fixed. The W3C validator above has an option to run HTML tidy 
on the code and display it so that you could cut and paste it to an 
email suggesting that the validation errors might be responsible for the 
printing problems with other browsers.

Perhaps the side administrators could be persuaded to test the pages 
with Firefox themselves?

Has anyone else had success printing 
using a Free browser?


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