[Linux-aus] Help in drafting a measured response.

Ron Skeoch skeoro at muli.com.au
Fri May 15 10:29:16 EST 2009

Hi all
We are in the process of implementing SBR (Standard Business reporting)
and having to deal with treasury office web sites eg.


Now when I print using Firefox I get a blank page,
I n response to my request for the government Department to  rectify the 
I got the following response :

> The Treasury IT Standard Operating Environment is to use Microsoft
> Internet Explorer version 6.0. I have tested the SBR Web Site with IE 6
> and it appears to work on our PC's.
> I have noticed that you appear to be using Mozilla Firefox.
> Could you please try the SBR Web Site again using Internet Explorer instead ?. If
> the web page printing works from IE then more than likely it is
> a problem with the configuration of Firefox on the PC's in your organisation.
> I can also confirm that I can print several of the randomly selected
> pages on the SBR Web Site from Internet Explorer 6.
> Regards,
> Edward

I understand that there is a Standard formatting command that causes this
Could enlightened people give me a detailed technical answer
that I can go back to Treasury with?

I want to follow the OPEN STANDARDS line
thank you in anticipation

Ron Skeoch
MD Muli Management P/L.
Project Risk, Accounts & Process Management. 
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