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Andy White andy at lgsolutions.com.au
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It's generally considered bad form to put your ISP at risk  

You say that LA should show some more spine on this issue - why?  
That's not the purpose for which LA exists, to the best of my  
knowledge. If you want to make a statement, you're free post the list  
on your blog; LA as an organisation is well within its rights to  
follow legal advice that it's been given (whether or not that advice  
is correct is another issue).

Moreover, it SHOULD do so - we're about advocating Free and Open  
Source Software, not Fighting The Man. There's appropriate avenues for  
that sort of speech, and at least IMO, LA doesn't need to be one of  

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On 26/03/2009, at 12:36 PM, Russell Stuart wrote:

> On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 10:28 +1030, Michael Davies wrote:
>> Really?  You want our organisation to take higher-than-average legal
>> risks for your freedom of speech?  Interesting.
> I don't know if I would do that.  It is a bit hard to say.  For  
> example,
> if someone was to post something that was clearly illegal under
> Australian law, such as child porn, I would strongly support  
> Stewart.  I
> would do that despite my strong personal feelings on free speech.
>> Going down that path may see long time volunteers reassess their
>> involvement so as to minimse their personal risks.
> There is only one risk.  It is to the ISP that hosts the web site -  
> not
> LA unless they are one and the same.  That risk is after LA and the  
> receive a link deletion notice, LA doesn't remove the link and the ISP
> doesn't take down the site.  In that case the ISP is libel for fines  
> of
> $11K per day.  LA is not libel for anything.  As I said, the odds of
> this happening at all seem pretty remote given the transient nature of
> planet.linux.org.au and the slow rate the ACMA does things.
> So this isn't about minimising risks.  This is about running like a
> frighten field mouse when a bellicose minister makes unsubstantiated
> threats in a newspaper.  Surely LA can display a bit more spine in the
> face of adversity.
> Perhaps that is putting things a bit strongly, and to be fair I am  
> sure
> Stewart has a lot of reasons for deciding to take the action he did.
> Hopefully he will explain them here.
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