[Linux-aus] Log of meeting of LUGS on 28 July

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 00:51:37 EST 2009

Herewith the log, edited somewhat for brevity and/or security.
I reduced over 500 lines to roughly 380. If you feel the need for the whole
thing, drop me a line.
If you think I should have made it shorter, come along next month ... the
job's all yours ;-)

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18:00 - SA 19:30 - East Coast 20:00 -
20:00:00 <PaulWay>    OK, introductions!
20:00:43 <PaulWay>    I'm Paul Wayper, I run the Canberra Linux Users Group
20:02:00 <donak>    < Don Knowles, CQLUG ... I'm in Rockhampton, but our
members are scattered all over the place :-)
20:02:04 <daniel_stonier>    sort of part of the cqlug
20:02:09 <Swathe>    but forgot the legendary part that usually precedes my
20:02:09 <noorbeast_>    Gary here CQLUG
20:02:20 <Swathe>    i'm Dylan
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20:02:23 *    dns53 (<snip>) has joined #linux-aus-lugs
20:03:02 <donak>    caprajax is another of ours
20:03:07 <PaulWay>    For those who've just arrived, introduce yourselves
20:03:28 <PaulWay>    daniel_stonier: what are you doing over in korea?
20:03:32 <jhesketh>    I'm Joshua Hesketh from Hobart/TasLUG
20:03:52 <noisymime>    Josh from B(allarat)LUG
20:03:54 <daniel_stonier>    get to use linux to build robots :)
20:03:58 <dns53>    i'm daniel from adelaide from linuxsa and ubuntu-au
20:04:15 <caprajax>    I'm Jack for Rockhampton CQLUG
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20:06:30 <Jiko>    evening
20:07:03 <PaulWay>    So for those of you who joined us late, if you're
interested use gobby to log on to <snip> to collaboratively edit the docs of
the meeting (password is the channel name without the hash)
20:07:25 <donak>    the takeover is complete, you are now out-numbered :-)
20:07:33 <donak>    Jiko is also one of us
20:07:50 <PaulWay>    Awesome!
20:07:57 <donak>    what I want to know is, where the hell are all the
20:08:24 <PaulWay>    Hahahahaha
20:08:33 <donak>    we might as well be holding the meet in #cqlug ... we'd
let you in Paul :-)
20:08:34 <Swathe>    i can't get hold of my other mate who came to the meet
and the other two i might have coming aren't online
20:10:43 <Swathe>    ok i'm in gobby, for my first time ever lol
20:11:58 <PaulWay>    So I think we've done the intros - shall we move on to
item 2 - Software Freedom Day.
20:12:08 <PaulWay>    daniel_stonier: neat!
20:12:25 <donak>    have you heard anything from committee paul?
20:12:36 <PaulWay>    I haven't posted anything to the committee yet.
20:12:43 <PaulWay>    But I have in principle support from the VP.
20:13:45 <PaulWay>    I was thinking 5000 CDs all up - 4000 Open Discs and
1000 Open Education Discs.
20:14:00 <PaulWay>    Did you eventually give them all away donak?
20:14:00 <donak>    I've still got some of last years discs sitting here ...
although I sent lots to someone in Brisbane, who was going to schools or
some such
20:14:09 <Swathe>    wow 5000 cds! nice effort there!
20:14:26 <donak>    probably about 50 left out of the 500? you sent me
20:14:28 <PaulWay>    *nods* Might have been HUMBUG - they did a big drive
for UQ O Week.
20:14:51 <PaulWay>    Swathe: 5000 across all the groups in Australia.
20:15:02 <donak>    I think that's what it was ... don't know if they got
there in time ...
20:15:15 <PaulWay>    Personally I'd rather do more - two years ago we
handed out like 3500 CDs in one day.
20:15:18 <Swathe>    PaulWay, ho many active groups are there?
20:15:28 <PaulWay>    Well, last year there were about 10.
20:15:37 <PaulWay>    Most, like donak here, just wanted 100 or so.
20:15:40 <donak>    if he sends us some, you can be sure you'll be handed a
bundle Swathe ... that's how I got rid of most of them :-)
20:15:50 <Swathe>    hehehe
20:15:54 <Swathe>    no problem
20:16:04 <PaulWay>    And I'd rather give too many so that people don't run
out on the day.
20:16:13 <PaulWay>    Besides, they're cheaper the more you print.
20:16:15 <dgeary2>    hi, i'm david from armidale, the lug here kinda died
20:16:25 <PaulWay>    dgeary2: Hi!
20:16:27 <dgeary2>    open day here is coming up soon
20:16:28 <donak>    actually, if you want to know what they're like, I can
bring you one of last years, next meet
20:16:51 <Swathe>    yeah that would be good donak
20:17:01 <donak>    Uni of New England dgeary2 ?
20:17:28 <PaulWay>    And having them professionally printed makes them look
so much more ... reputable than burnt CDs with hand-written labels.
20:17:31 <dgeary2>    donak: yeah University of New England
20:17:53 <PaulWay>    dgeary2: donak's been doing great things getting the
CQLUG organised.
20:18:19 <donak>    LUGs usually need someone to act as a bit of a driver
... I kickstarted it, but Jason has been doing good things too
20:18:21 <PaulWay>    So: how many CDs to groups want this year?
20:18:39 <PaulWay>    donak: delegate to avoid burn-out and pick up the keen
20:18:45 <PaulWay>    :-)
20:18:59 <Swathe>    i will hopefully have another two new atendees nxt meet
20:19:08 <donak>    we've got them ... we've lost the occasional person, but
picked up two to replace them, thus far
20:19:23 <Jiko>    donak: I just don't get to meetings :)
20:19:29 <donak>    Swathe came to his first meet last Saturday, and brought
a friend
20:19:52 <dns53>    the southern fleurieu lug will want some, not sure about
the other sa groups
20:19:56 <donak>    I know you're keen Jiko, being a founding member of
HUMBUG and all :-)
20:20:28 <donak>    Jason has stated he's going to drag you to the next one!
20:20:38 <PaulWay>    dns53: ta - what I should do is send an email out to
all the people that were in group last year.
20:20:49 <donak>    so you'd better have that talk on Virtualisation ready
20:21:07 <Jiko>    donak: its a talk now?  I was just going to ramble on for
a bit :)
20:21:18 <PaulWay>    dns53: do you know how southern fleurieu went with
20:21:18 <donak>    that's a talk, by definition
20:22:04 <dns53>    PaulWay about 50 people over the day
20:22:14 <PaulWay>    *nods*
20:23:22 <PaulWay>    Hmmm.
20:24:16 *    dgeary2 has quit (Nick collision from services.)
20:24:17 <PaulWay>    1000 Ubuntu CDs, 1000 Fedora DVDs, 2000 Open Discs,
1000 Open Education Discs
20:24:26 *    dgeary2_ is now known as dgeary2
20:24:27 <PaulWay>    Would that be more interesting?
20:24:43 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: Why Ubuntu and Fedora? Granted they are both
popular, but they are incredibly similar
20:24:48 <dns53>    do you need ubuntu cd's? cannonical provided them last
20:24:57 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: Perhaps a KDE version (less CD's maybe)
20:25:01 <daniel_stonier>    oh, bryan...he was good mates with my brother a
long time ago
20:25:25 <PaulWay>    jhesketh: *shrugs* Seems to be the two distros people
are familiar with.
20:25:25 <Swathe>    yeah she saw your name and said it was a looong time
20:25:27 <jhesketh>    I've actually found KDE to be more popular at SFD as
people find it more familiar to their windows environment (opensuse is
particularly popular)
20:25:33 <daniel_stonier>    a moblin live cd for netbooks would be nice
20:25:46 <PaulWay>    And people prefer to help others install what they
themselves are familiar with.
20:25:49 <noorbeast_>    Anyway to target the open ed cds at schools?
20:25:50 <PaulWay>    That's the reasoning.
20:25:54 <Jiko>    PaulWay: or maybe consider something more specific like
20:26:01 <PaulWay>    dns53: you get like 20.
20:26:07 <PaulWay>    from Canonical.
20:26:21 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: Fair enough :)
20:26:30 <PaulWay>    And my thought there is that if we can save them money
by not posting a bunch out to Australia - print them locally - then everyone
20:26:37 <Swathe>    my 6 year old loves qimo
20:26:49 <PaulWay>    noorbeast_: the definitely!
20:26:55 <daniel_stonier>    i think its not a bad idea to show a comparison
paul...its nice to see just how different and varied linux can be. Livecd's
are a good way to do that.
20:27:09 <PaulWay>    daniel_stonier: yeah, good thinking.
20:27:23 <daniel_stonier>    showing something thats almost or just the same
as windows doesn't really appeal to people looking for something exciting
20:27:28 <dns53>    PaulWay it is possible to order some for free from
cannonical as well
20:27:53 <daniel_stonier>    but i agree, having the familiarity option is
also good
20:27:53 <donak>    we had a discussion about "which distro" at our last
meet ... we settled on Ubuntu as the prime candidate
20:27:56 <jhesketh>    daniel_stonier: I wasn't claiming that KDE is like
windows, it just appears more popular at the SFD's I've helped run
20:27:57 <PaulWay>    dns53: yeah, but it all costs them.
20:27:59 <Swathe>    it's also a point that if the people receive them all
get the same thing, they can discuss their progress with each other and
compare experiences
20:28:03 <donak>    what about Xubuntu for older PCs?
20:28:20 <PaulWay>    And they're paying to ship them all the way from the
20:28:26 <donak>    or Knoppix, now with LXDE?
20:28:53 <daniel_stonier>    is there still an e17 based livecd?
20:29:02 <Swathe>    i think catering for older pcs is a good idea, people
would be more willing to "risk" their old machines than their new one
20:29:05 <jhesketh>    I sort of figured (by PaulWay's comments) that groups
would hand out mainly the distro they prefer (ubuntu vs fedora) rather than
both. That said, groups can still print their own CD's for other things
(such as moblin and more specific distros)
20:29:09 <PaulWay>    So my reasoning here is that if they don't have to
send quite so many to Australia, then other people - Nepal, Uruguay, Papua
New Guinea - get more.
20:29:10 <noorbeast_>    Several 317 distros
20:29:26 <PaulWay>    jhesketh: you mean your LUG has standardised on one
distro?  I'm impressed! :-)
20:29:42 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: Hence the "mainly"
20:29:51 <PaulWay>    noorbeast_: my thinking here is to try and cut down
the number of choices, while still giving the choice :-)
20:29:56 <Swathe>    i'm an ubuntu man myself but will try anything once :D
20:29:57 <PaulWay>    jhesketh: yeah, I know :-)
20:30:16 <PaulWay>    Open Solaris?
20:30:59 <noorbeast_>    What about a distro with multiple WMs, just to
showcase variability
20:31:04 <PaulWay>    jhesketh: I have no problem with people saying "we
want X of Ubuntu and Y of Fedora", etc.
20:31:31 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: that's sort of what I was meaning ;) (sorry
to confuse)
20:31:36 <PaulWay>    noorbeast_: my theory here is that these things are
much better done as demos running on computers.
20:31:56 <PaulWay>    There's very very few people who will say "oh, a
random CD, I'm going to boot off it and see what happens"...
20:32:05 <PaulWay>    jhesketh: sure.
20:32:26 <donak>    I've got a few people to try Qimo4Kids and Ubuntu ...
it's my honest face :-)
20:32:54 <PaulWay>    So do you think that variety is going to be a good
idea, even if it means we get fewer CDs for the price than if we printed
just one?
20:33:27 <donak>    I wondered about it last year : we're a linux
organisation, giving away Windows software ??
20:33:37 <PaulWay>    Free Software.
20:33:49 <jhesketh>    let's not discuss the naming issues
20:33:54 <PaulWay>    To aid the progression from Windows to Linux, let's
20:34:59 <daniel_stonier>    i like variety...moved to linux to try
something *different*. But I dont think I'm terribly representative of the
targetted masses either.
20:35:12 <caprajax>    Whatever you hand to people you have to be prepared
to support them, so you need to hand out something yo're familiar with.
20:35:18 <noorbeast_>    If you dont get to know about linux being there
then there is no progression
20:35:19 <PaulWay>    The point of Software Freedom Day is the freedom, not
the operating system ;-)
20:35:32 <PaulWay>    caprajax: yep.
20:35:35 <donak>    the numbers we're allocating ourselves, I assume that's
for SF discs?
20:35:49 <PaulWay>    total.
20:35:50 <jhesketh>    personally I think providing main stream distros on
bulk is a better idea. Demoing specific and special things such as sugar on
a stick, moblin, E17 etc are also great, but could perhaps be handed out on
a per person basis (or sent to a download link etc). My reasoning is that in
the past people see DSL or "distro aimed specifically at XYZ" and they think
that's great because it's so specialised and as a result they mi
20:35:51 <jhesketh>    ss out on the polish and ease of a high quality
distro (ubuntu, fedora etc) where they could have easily installed any extra
application they needed.
20:35:58 <PaulWay>    Include ratios if it suits you.
20:36:08 <donak>    OK, will edit
20:36:27 <jhesketh>    not to mention people walk around and grab a copy of
everything because it's free
20:36:40 <PaulWay>    Another idea there, jhesketh, is to run a burning
station with a variety of images and allow people to purchase a blank CD or
DVD and burn whatever distro they want.
20:37:17 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: We've done burning stations in the past,
just without any charge (hence the grab everything they see factor)
20:37:32 <PaulWay>    jhesketh: Fair enough.
20:37:43 <PaulWay>    "Buy a 16GB flash drive and away you go".
20:37:50 <jhesketh>    they are a good idea though, and I like the charge.
20:37:53 <jhesketh>    oh, even better idea
20:38:03 <donak>    CD would be cheaper
20:38:03 <PaulWay>    For some people that's their entire traffic allowance
for a month!
20:38:22 <jhesketh>    donak: I think the point is to ask them to buy it off
20:38:25 <PaulWay>    donak: we go to a computer fair, so we just point them
to another stand...
20:38:32 <PaulWay>    the images are free.
20:38:37 <jhesketh>    or promote to people to bring their own USB (or grab
one from the nearby store)
20:39:00 <donak>    I got that, I would have no problem sitting there with a
100 stack of CDs selling them off at $1 per, with free Ubuntu thrown in :-)
20:39:12 <noorbeast_>    Free software day with a charge....mmmm
20:39:13 <PaulWay>    What we're doing is running the software freedom day
stand at the local computer market, and then advertising at that (and
elsewhere) an installfest for the next weekend.
20:39:27 <donak>    and a free cover thrown in
20:39:27 <PaulWay>    noorbeast_: software's free, CDs cost money...
20:39:36 <PaulWay>    pieces of plastic cost money.
20:39:56 <noorbeast_>    I understand that, but does the average Joe?
20:40:04 <jhesketh>    noorbeast_: I think we're just discussing ideas, it's
not to say we won't give lots of awesome stuff away ;)
20:40:26 *    harrisony is a bit late
20:40:30 <donak>    noorbeast_, I haven't had anyone argue with $1 to cover
costs, yet
20:40:34 <PaulWay>    noorbeast_: that's where you explain it to them.
20:40:51 <PaulWay>    Have a donation bucket and encourage them to put
something in.
20:40:54 <elky>    hi all, only just got home
20:40:59 <donak>    welcome harrisony and elky
20:41:01 <PaulWay>    hi harrisony, hi elky!
20:41:16 <jhesketh>    bucket donations work well
20:41:21 <harrisony>    can someone give me a quick overview of what ive
20:41:21 <PaulWay>    OK, shall we move on to item 3?  Inter-LUG activities.
20:41:28 <elky>    can someone brief me in regards to what was discussed re:
20:41:47 <donak>    harrisony, 1. introductions 2. Software Freedom Day
20:42:01 <PaulWay>    I'm writing up a proposal to Linux Australia to fund
the printing of CDs Software Freedom Day.
20:42:11 <elky>    i was hoping to be home for the sfd discussion
20:42:18 <donak>    I think we arrived at the idea to give away some Linux
distros as well this year
20:42:35 <PaulWay>    There'll be Ubuntu and Fedora CDs as well as OpenDisc
and OpenEducationDiscs printed.
20:42:57 <elky>    donak, did anyone mention LA involvement?
20:43:07 <elky>    other than paul's second last comemnt?
20:43:18 <PaulWay>    Open gobby, go to <snip>, password is this channel
name without hash.  The agenda and notes are there.
20:43:30 <elky>    PaulWay, i'm trying to catch up on 2 coincurrent meetings
20:43:41 <PaulWay>    elky: righto :-)
20:43:58 <PaulWay>    Actually, this is rather good - editing it on gobby
people can change their bids in real time.
20:44:03 <PaulWay>    Rather than having to blind auction.
20:44:06 <elky>    ok, the other finished.
20:44:30 <PaulWay>    elky: I'm writing up a proposal for funding.  That's
all I know about.
20:44:35 <PaulWay>    Is there other stuff?
20:44:51 <elky>    Ok, so what has been discussed around the LA council and
iirc should be in meeting minutes now or soon, is that we will get printing
done in a year-agnostic fashion, and burning can be done by teams on demand
20:45:09 <elky>    that way leftovers can be kept until future years, and
still be relevant.
20:45:14 <elky>    was that info passed on at all?
20:45:23 <donak>    hadn't heard that
20:45:32 <elky>    cool. now you have.
20:45:35 <PaulWay>    Ah, I'd forgotten that - talked to evil steve about
20:45:49 <donak>    so, blank CDs will be printed, we burn with the latest
.iso when needed?
20:45:54 <PaulWay>    Personally I think it's only one step up from having
hand-printed CDs.
20:45:56 <elky>    PaulWay, well the reminder should help you frame the
proposal then :)
20:46:13 <PaulWay>    So where's that up to then?
20:46:14 <elky>    donak, precisely
20:46:33 <elky>    donak, it'll save me having boxes of fedora discs in my
lounge that I now have to dispose.
20:46:38 <PaulWay>    It still takes a lot of volunteer time to burn all
those images, unless you're paying a duplicator to do it, in which case it's
more expensive.
20:46:56 <PaulWay>    which release, elky?
20:47:08 <donak>    know the feeling elky ... I've just been complaining
about 50 of last years opendiscs :-)
20:47:14 <donak>    not the same scale, I know
20:47:18 <PaulWay>    You're in Sydney at least, they have CD recycling
there if they're too old to do anything useful with.
20:47:23 <elky>    PaulWay, 8, iirc
20:47:27 *    elky goes to check
20:47:43 <PaulWay>    And even then the open disc is still quite usable even
two years on.
20:47:43 <elky>    9.
20:48:28 <PaulWay>    *nods*
20:48:29 <elky>    PaulWay, the point is i have approx $1000 of LA money in
my lounge that i am now having to find a way to dispose of.
20:48:47 <PaulWay>    Who proposed to have those printed?
20:49:19 <elky>    these are leftovers for the education expo which i
offered to you before last SFD to distribute, and you didn't want them.
20:49:36 <PaulWay>    Last year?
20:49:39 <PaulWay>    Odd.
20:49:41 <elky>    yes.
20:49:54 <PaulWay>    I don't recall you having Fedora 9 discs available for
20:50:11 <PaulWay>    Are you sure that was before SFD?
20:50:26 <elky>    educaiton expo was months before September.
20:50:48 <elky>    i am positive.
20:51:04 <PaulWay>    OK.
20:51:30 <elky>    the cds were printed for Ed expo and cebit together. we
didn't even get through half of what we had done up.
20:51:31 <PaulWay>    I'm puzzled because I thought I would have taken you
up on that offer, had I known they were Fedora CDs.
20:51:44 <PaulWay>    And you have 2000+ CDs?
20:52:04 <elky>    something like that
20:52:11 <donak>    if you're a distro hopper like me, maybe you didn't like
Fedora then?
20:52:19 <donak>    ;-)
20:52:26 <PaulWay>    I do agree, printing something with a six month life
isn't a brilliant plan.
20:52:42 <PaulWay>    Excuse me, I've used Fedora since Core 2.
20:52:56 *    PaulWay manages to look mildly offended ;-)
20:53:00 <dgeary2>    i like the idea of year agnostic printing, and burning
on (or near) demand
20:53:14 <donak>    the labelled/printed blanks make huge sense ... I for
one have no qualms about setting up 2 or 3 of my own PCs with DVD burners,
to burn discs on demand
20:53:27 <PaulWay>    elky: so why haven't I seen hide nor hair of this
proposal on the Linux Australia list?
20:53:58 <jhesketh>    Perhaps, as a suggestion, we supply groups with a
(very?) limited number of ubuntu/fedora and a semi-decent number of open
cd's. Then as supplies run low, or if other distros need burning, they can
be done at burning stations
20:54:01 <donak>    she mentioned "minutes" been discussed in committee I
20:54:16 *    PaulWay looks up the minutes.
20:54:19 <elky>    PaulWay, you talked to steve about it already. he's the
one you should ask.
20:54:57 <elky>    i'm curently in a madhouse work state, so i'm not sure
whether i'm coming or going on which board or meeting or company right now.
20:54:59 <PaulWay>    Nup.  Not in last minutes.
20:55:07 <elky>    PaulWay, date of last minutes?
20:55:14 <PaulWay>    16/07/2009
20:55:38 <elky>    then the secretary has not yet sent out the ones from 5
days ago yet.
20:55:56 <elky>    if i am remembering correctly, there should be something
in those.
20:56:01 <donak>    does it matter? let's go with the idea and present it
(almost) as a fait accompli ... see where it gets us :-)
20:56:02 <PaulWay>    *shrugs* OK.
20:56:15 <elky>    but paul, this is why i was killing myself trying to get
here for this meeting. so I could say this
20:56:37 <elky>    waiting 15 mins for a taxi didn't help much ;)
20:56:45 <donak>    do you need it to be later, to get here elky ?
20:57:00 <elky>    donak, not usually. today was exceptional circumstances
20:57:06 <donak>    I don't think 8:30 will hurt anyone
20:57:10 <donak>    OK
20:57:23 <elky>    donak, considering people seem to show up late in general
most weeks, it's probably worth trying
20:57:24 <PaulWay>    If it means I have to do less coordinating between
Linux Australia and a CD printer then that's fine by me :-)
20:57:41 <donak>    the last thing we need is for anyone to be unable to
attend, who wants to
20:57:53 <elky>    donak, there's *always* going to be that situation
20:58:21 <elky>    local groups actually seem to have the problem more than
international ones too ;)
20:58:27 <noorbeast_>    Any design yet for yearless covers?
20:58:30 <elky>    (from my exp)
20:58:30 <donak>    I think the printed blanks is a great idea, it's
something LA can do for LUGS that makes the discs look soooo much better
20:58:42 <elky>    donak, yep :)
20:59:01 <donak>    I've been giving people discs with marker pen labels and
wincing every time
20:59:16 <PaulWay>    And are LA looking at printing ones for Fedora and
Ubuntu as well as TheOpenDisc and TheOpenEducationDisc?
20:59:35 <donak>    would be good, but maybe not as many
21:00:04 <elky>    PaulWay, i cant remember what the resolution of that
decision was, or if there has been one yet.
21:00:10 <donak>    I think the proportions I requested are a good balance
... 5 OpenCDs to 2 Linux
21:00:47 <PaulWay>    I guess my thought here is that if this is truly
something that isn't going to date, and something that people want, then
Linux Australia should be putting more than $5000 into it.
21:01:22 <donak>    might be more to the point to make it an "ongoing
activity" so that the printing won't date too much either
21:01:31 <PaulWay>    *nods*
21:01:52 <donak>    might only be $2000 this year, $3000 next ... but we get
an ongoing supply of CDs that updates occasionally
21:02:09 <donak>    without ending up too dated at any time
21:02:19 <noorbeast_>    Put some $ into careful design in the first place
is better
21:02:25 <donak>    oh yeah
21:02:27 <PaulWay>    The economies of scale really work on CD printing
though - it is much cheaper per CD to print more.
21:03:25 <PaulWay>    My fear is that it'll be a "Linux Australia" generic
CD with hand-written labels, so it basically looks like an ordinary blank
CD, and any attempt to make it look professional or credible will have
21:03:49 <elky>    PaulWay, it will not be.
21:04:08 <PaulWay>    Sounds good then.
21:04:21 <noorbeast_>    Use a generic theme: free as in freedom may be an
21:04:58 <PaulWay>    That's sort of what I want to avoid.
21:05:07 <dgeary2>    perhaps use the colour themes of the intended software
21:05:11 <donak>    no need to be FOSSy, anything neat will do the job
21:05:35 <harrisony>    Possible to have like say a blue cd with fedora on
it and have a little spot to pen in the version number?
21:05:52 <donak>    if you use a curly font, nobody will be able to read it
anyway :-)
21:05:54 <PaulWay>    If it's not recognisable an Ubuntu, Fedora, or
OpenDisc, with a date and bit of other information added, then I fear it's
going to look like just another generic blank CD.
21:06:01 <elky>    no. as in there *will* be $distro branded discs. and
there *will* be opencd branded discs. it's just a matter of decisions ofer
21:06:02 <PaulWay>    harrisony: that's where I'm going here :-)
21:06:14 <PaulWay>    Righto.
21:06:36 <PaulWay>    Then my recommendation would be two, and Fedora and
Ubuntu seem to be the most popular.
21:07:53 <donak>    Ubuntu first ... Fedora second
21:08:04 <PaulWay>    Sure.  Whatever :-)
21:08:11 <PaulWay>    Sorry if I come across negative on this, but I really
want it to work.
21:08:22 <PaulWay>    I don't want it to be badly done.
21:08:23 <donak>    we discussed it on Saturday, we reckon Ubuntu is the
more "newb" friendly distro ... only by a bit, but ...
21:08:26 <elky>    PaulWay, of course, and so do we.
21:08:40 <donak>    ditto!
21:09:01 <elky>    i think the continuance of htis is better done on a list
where stakeholders not present can have a say
21:09:02 <donak>    and, thank you for your support
21:09:36 <elky>    now what was topic 3 that i derailed? :)
21:09:49 <donak>    Inter-LUG activities - who's going where?
21:09:58 <PaulWay>    Are the Fedora discs going to be DVDs?  Or were you
planning Live CD for Fedora?
21:10:08 <PaulWay>    I spoke at the SLUG meeting in June.
21:10:15 <PaulWay>    They charge a lot for pizza! :_)
21:10:17 <PaulWay>    :-)
21:10:24 <elky>    PaulWay, but it's *good* pizza
21:10:33 <donak>    I think the LiveCD is best for both, to give the option
of both run and install
21:10:41 <elky>    and we apologise for the fridges ;)
21:10:42 <PaulWay>    You can get good pizza for cheaper than that in
21:10:45 <PaulWay>    :-)
21:11:25 <Swathe>    one thing i thought might be a good idea in the future
could be an aussie lug podcast
21:11:47 <donak>    we've also discussed a "one page guide" for Linux ... a
one page guide to the CD of your choice would also be a good idea, with a
warning "install will destroy data if not careful"
21:11:50 <PaulWay>    Swathe: sounds like a good idea.  Talk to James Purser
about his experiences.
21:12:24 <Swathe>    will do
21:12:32 <donak>    don't want to generate law suits if they can be avoided
21:12:40 <daniel_stonier>    can you do livecd's without installers?
21:12:49 <noorbeast_>    You can
21:12:55 <daniel_stonier>    if they really want to install, its pretty
obvious that you can download it and go yourself
21:13:00 <donak>    I asked if possible, but nobody seems very keen
21:13:02 <daniel_stonier>    or you can advertise that point
21:13:29 <Swathe>    what about a install event every few months
21:13:40 <PaulWay>    elky: heh - no problem re fridges.
21:13:45 <PaulWay>    It was a nice venue.
21:14:01 <elky>    PaulWay, some people couldn't hear you well because of
the speakers and fridges :-/
21:14:11 <noorbeast_>    Most installers have the caveat
21:14:50 <PaulWay>    Ahhhh.
21:15:03 <PaulWay>    I do try to hold the mic close to my face but I forget
some times.
21:15:06 <PaulWay>    Is there video yet?
21:15:08 <harrisony>    PaulWay: one guy missed the talk, so if you have
some notes or slides that could be sent to him :)
21:15:15 <harrisony>    oh yeah the video
21:15:21 *    PaulWay pointedly doesn't bug jhesketh ... :-)
21:15:22 *    harrisony fails
21:15:33 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: heh, well avoided...
21:15:52 <PaulWay>    harrisony: <web address snipped>
21:16:07 <jhesketh>    PaulWay: the video status is currently in Linux
Australia's court. I wrote a 3 page letter to them that I'm waiting to hear
back from (been a while now :S)
21:16:21 <PaulWay>    !!!
21:16:33 <jhesketh>    well I did get one reply, but the discussion didn't
go anywhere (as far as I know)
21:16:47 <daniel_stonier>    ok folks, wife called - have to get going and
catch the sardine subway home before all the restaraunts close.....nice to
have met you all
21:16:58 <elky>    jhesketh, please poke steve again.
21:17:10 <noorbeast_>    Bye Daniel
21:17:21 <PaulWay>    daniel_stonier: ok, have fun!
21:17:32 <daniel_stonier>    later :)
21:17:35 *    daniel_stonier (<snip>) has left #linux-aus-lugs
21:21:15 <donak>    so, is that our meeting done?
21:21:26 <PaulWay>    Yeah, I guess.
21:22:34 <Swathe>    i missed most of it but glad i could attend :)
21:22:37 <elky>    jhesketh, and i'm certain that youve missed something
along the line somewhere, which is why you need to poke steve at a moemnt
that suits you.
21:22:46 <donak>    will you be sending out the minutes from the gobby
record? anyone who wants to catch up can contact me, and I'll send them the
log ... rather than me load up the mailing list again
21:22:56 <jhesketh>    elky: will do
21:24:13 <PaulWay>    donak: Probably best to just summarise.
21:24:41 <PaulWay>    What's in gobby is is pretty minimal.
21:24:56 <elky>    the full chat log is also useful to some, so keep with
putting that out too.
21:25:08 <donak>    OK
21:30:07 *    Jiko (<snip>) has left #linux-aus-lugs
21:30:07 <PaulWay>    OK, thanks everyone.  Please post agenda items to the
list for next month's meeting.<snip>
22:50:33 *    You have left channel #linux-aus-lugs
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