[Linux-aus] Google Linux OS coming..

James Purser james at jamespurser.com.au
Tue Jul 14 19:14:01 EST 2009

Bret Busby wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Jul 2009, Mark Walkom wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 16:31:14 +1000
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>> Subject: Re: [Linux-aus] Google Linux OS coming..
>> Righto Bret,
>> Can you back your claims up.

So to summarise:

- You're a webmaster
- A couple of weeks ago Google declared one of your sites was "teh hax0r3d"
- Google has a process including signing up to a Google Webmasters Tools
account for managing site reviews
- You feel that Google is "teh 3v1l" for this
- You claim that Google made you load up code it the "h4x0r3d" site in
order for the review

And yet here's the process that Google says is the review process:

   1. View a sample of the dangerous URLs on your site in Webmaster Tools.
   2. Make any necessary changes to your site according to
      StopBadware.org's Security tips
   3. New: Request a malware review from Google and we'll evaluate your
   4. New: Check the status of your review.
          * If we feel the site is still harmful, we'll provide an
            updated list of remaining dangerous URLs
          * If we've determined the site to be clean, you can expect
            removal of malware messages in the near future (usually
            within 24 hours).

Which can be found here:

Funnily enough, no where in there is a demand that code, malicious or
otherwise be added to anyones site. Or are you referring to the google
analytics javascript code? Which isn't actually a requirement of Google
Webmaster Tools.

Seriously Bret, loosen the tin foil.


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