[Linux-aus] It's that time of year again

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Thu Jul 2 15:02:44 EST 2009

James Polley wrote:
> Lets move on to something we can have permanently, like 
> conf.linux.org.au...)
We did this last year, with LA purchasing a ssl cert for the conf team 
to use for creating secure logins and a long term URL that can be passed 
from year to year without any worry of someone yoinking the domain in 
the middle of the conf. It's just a matter of bumping the google juice 
for that domain up now to save any confusion.

Interestingly, (and probably somewhere unsurprisingly) you can't get a 
SSL cert for linux.conf.au, as the .conf.au namespace isn't handled by 
any recognised registrar. I still have the email somewhere from Godaddy 
support where they accuse me of poisoning their DNS cache with a false 
domain name, as the domain resolves in their DNS, but can't be found 
with a whois lookup.

Fun times.

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