[Linux-aus] It's that time of year again

Jeremy Visser jeremy at visser.name
Thu Jul 2 14:52:11 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 14:41 +1000, Peter Lieverdink wrote:
> Because the policy set by the registrar for "conf.au" does not permit
> this. The policy allows for a conf.au domain to be active for 6 months
> out of 12, starting from when activation is requested via email in the
> correct format.

Eurgh. The policy sounds good for a one-off conference, but for LCA, it
happens every year. Not only that, but linux.conf.au appears to be the
only user of the domain:


Having a policy in place for just one user seems to be a little
wasteful. I don't have much faith in bureaucracy, but is it possible to
get them to change the policy?

I had a long reply written to this e-mail, but I scrapped it, as I can't
really think of anything worth saying. Perhaps it would be worth CC'ing
kre at munnari.oz.au, the administrator of conf.au.
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