[Linux-aus] It's that time of year again

Jeremy Visser jeremy at visser.name
Thu Jul 2 13:41:51 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 07:58 +1000, Steve Walsh wrote:
> yeah, that'd be right, the domain has not been requested yet. It
> doesn't exist until you request it, so I'm not overtly surprised that
> it's not resolving.

Might be a stupid question, but why can't Linux Australia just hold on
to the domain, and use NS records to change the delegation this time
every year?

It'd be the sane thing to do, given the linux.conf.au occurs every year,
and there are people right now that have an interest in accessing the
site, even though the conference hasn't started yet.

A conference is a year-round business, what with all the organising.
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