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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Jan 8 09:34:02 EST 2009

Hi all,

Just thought I'd post the current status of nominations for the LA ctte :) Get your nominations in! They close in 4 days!

Current Candidates
Ordinary Committee Members
    * Ben Powell (ben at geonetrix.com.au)
      Hi All,
      In addition to co-organising LCA09 in Tasmania, I also have a legal background with experience in incorporated associations (of which LA is one). I have also occupied the positions of VP and President of TasLUG and have a keen understanding of the challenges faced by regional LUGs. I believe I can bring a unique and useful perspective to LA which will enable LA to service the requirements of its members.

    * Clinton Roy (clinton.roy at gmail.com)
      Clinton has been on the executive of Humbug in a number of different positions, including President. He was involved in running lca2002, as well as lca bids. He has presented at LCA and OSDC. He contributes to several OSS projects. All his employment has had an OSS component.
      Clinton's platform is: ensuring diligence of the committee and ensuring openness of the committee. 

Nominations (people yet to accept nomination to be candidates)
    * James Turnbull (james at lovedthanlost.net) was nominated by:
          o Pia Waugh (greebo at pipka.org)
            James would be a great leader for Linux Australia. He is practical, consultative, and would help Linux Australia move forward in a time when our community and ideas are starting to hit mainstream. I believe Linux Australia needs the sort of energy and wisdom that James brings to the table.
          o Peter Lieverdink (me at cafuego.net)
            I think James would make for an excellent president.
            He's organised, responsible and eager to get things done.

    * Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au) was nominated by:
          o Stephen Walsh (steve at nerdvana.org.au)
            Stewart's history with Linux Australia Council makes him a perfect choice for President, and his iron-fisted grip on the "30-minute or I'm hanging up" rule for the weekly meeting keeps discussion on-topic and decisions made.
          o Donna Benjamin (donna at mel8ourne.org)
            With wholesale change at the last election the council needs familiar faces so as not to lose momentum.

Vice President
    * Stephen Walsh (steve at nerdvana.org.au) was nominated by:
          o Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
            Steve has been a real champion - able to get about a million things done and keep tihngs running smoothly.
          o James Purser (james at jamespurser.com.au)
            Steve has contributed to Linux Australia both as a committee/Council member and as a member. I would like to see him continue in his role as Vice President.
          o Sridhar Dhanapalan (sridhar at dhanapalan.com)
            Steve has been a veritable powerhouse in the Australian FOSS community. He's done a fantastic job as VP over the past year.

    * Donna Benjamin (donna at mel8ourne.org) was nominated by:
          o Michael Davies (michael at msdavies.net)
            Donna is great value - she's personable, she's knows her stuff, and knows what an LCA is all about. Harnessing Donna for LA would be wonderful thing - and she knows how to handle both ducks and lasers.
          o Stephen Walsh (steve at nerdvana.org.au)
            Donna's work as the Conference Director of Linux.conf.au in 2008, her ongoing work with LCA 2009 and LCA2010, as well as the effort she has put into the Council of LUG's shows Donna's commitment to making Linux Australia succeed.
            Donna would be a perfect choice for the role of Vice President.

    * Stephen Walsh (steve at nerdvana.org.au) was nominated by:
          o Peter Lieverdink (me at cafuego.net)
            I think Steve, as a person who does stuff, would make a great secretary for LA.
          o Melissa Draper (melissa at meldraweb.com)
            Steve has been an organised and diligent contributor on the Linux Australia Council throughout 2008. He has ensured that things have gotten done, and wields the JFDI attitude when required. 

    * Leah Duncan (shirtybird at netspace.net.au) was nominated by:
          o Ben Powell (ben at geonetrix.com.au)
            Leah has been the driving force for lca2009 and has acted as president and secretary of TasLUG with distinction. Although a quiet achiever, things that need doing get done, and that's the real quality that Leah can bring to LA.

    * Anthony Towns (aj at azure.humbug.org.au) was nominated by:
          o Donna Benjamin (donna at mel8ourne.org)
            I've asked AJ if he wants to re-stand for Treasurer - and he's still thinking about it. So I hope this spurs him on to consider staying on. This really is the hard yards job on the council - and in my dealings with AJ he's shown he has a grip on the accounts, and puts together great reports. Financially, this organisation is in good shape, and the fact we know that - is thanks to AJ.
            If he ultimately decides not to accept this nomination, let this be the first of many thank yous. We - the people of Linux Australia are grateful for your service.
            I at least will be even more grateful if you stay on.

Ordinary Committee Members
    * Clinton Roy (clinton.roy at gmail.com) was nominated by:
          o Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
            I think Clinton would be an excellent voice to be heard on LA council.
          o James Purser (james at jamespurser.com.au)
            I've know Clinton both through Linux Australia and through his work with HUMBUG. In his time on the HUMBUG executive he has proven himself worthy of stepping up to the LA Council.
            I believe he will bring a fresh, new perspective to the Council.

    * Joel Stanley (joel.stan at gmail.com) was nominated by:
          o Timothy Ansell (mithro at mithis.com)
            Joel has been heavily involved with the OLPC project and is outside the normal LCA sphere. He is also in South Australia which would help the committee not be east coast centric.
          o Donna Benjamin (donna at mel8ourne.org)
            Joel would make a great addition to the council as an OCM - his active involvement in the Sugar project is testament to his commitment to Free and Open Source software. He has both a global and local perspective, is community focussed, has new ideas to share, but most importantly, gets things done.

    * Ben Powell (ben at geonetrix.com.au) was nominated by:
          o James Turnbull (james at lovedthanlost.net)
            Ben's done an excellent job thus far on LCA and from my discussions with him he is a cluey and article chap who would represent excellent bang-for-buck for the LA council.
          o Donna Benjamin (donna at mel8ourne.org)
            Many chats with Ben over the past year have yielded positive and constructive suggestions regarding the future of both linux.conf.au and Linux Australia. Ben's legal background brings unique perspective, and his dedication to our favourite conference mean he would be an asset to the council.

    * Sridhar Dhanapalan (sridhar at dhanapalan.com) was nominated by:
          o Stephen Walsh (steve at nerdvana.org.au)
            Srid's an absolute powerhouse of organisation, and we need to harness these powers for the good of LA
          o James Purser (james at jamespurser.com.au)
            Sridhar has proven his worth as a Council member time and again with his work both with SLUG and with Linux Australia. His contributions in terms of time and energy cannot be ignored.

    * Melissa Draper (melissa at meldraweb.com) was nominated by:
          o Stephen Walsh (steve at nerdvana.org.au)
            Melissa's community involvement with Linuxchix-AU and Ubuntu-au, and her work as an OCM in 2008 would be a great addition to the council in 2009.
          o Sridhar Dhanapalan (sridhar at dhanapalan.com)
            Melissa has been prolific in her work with various free software communities, including Ubuntu and Aussiechix. She has also been of great assistance at times during SLUG meetings.

    * Timothy Ansell (mithro at mithis.com) was nominated by:
          o Joel Stanley (joel.stan at gmail.com)
            Tim is an involved member of the Australian
            FOSS and Linux community, in leading the
            thousandparsec project, code contributions to
            various projects, as well as advocacy. He is a
            responsable person, and has sound decision
            making skills.
            I nominate him for the above reasons, and
            because he will bring the perspective of a youger
            generation to the '
            LA council.


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