[Linux-aus] OpenDiscs, and Voting/Membership

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 01:25:56 EST 2009

My two cents worth, in response to Russell:
>>> Quote 1 <<<
So now we are scratching around for additional copies of the
OpenDisc (or similar).  Has anybody got some sitting in a dusty corner
they can give us?  We need them by Friday the 20th Feb.
I could send you about 200 ... but to what address?

>>> Quote 2 <<<
As for "only 66 voted", it is worth noting LA doesn't actually have a
clue as to how many active members it has.  Right now, if you become a
member of LA, you are a member for life - you email address is never
purged from the membership rolls.  If you forget you are a member and
enrol with a different email address, you become a member twice.  If you
want to vote early and vote often, just join LA many times with unique
email addresses.
Issue membership numbers? (I bag number 1!)
Have a "email in" once a year ... all active members please send a blank
email to
"active_members at linux.org.au" in the month of January or February or ...
First year they don't respond, tag the membership record as "inactive"
Third year they don't respond, purge.

Don Knowles
Rockhampton, AUSTRALIA
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