[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Council minutes for 20090205

Leah Duncan secretary at linux.org.au
Thu Feb 12 18:23:54 EST 2009

Apologies for the delay again, been AFK for a few days...

Attached are the minutes from last week's council meeting for 05/02/09.  
Minutes can also be found online at 


Leah Duncan
Secretary, Linux Australia.

== Council meeting ==
  * Time 8:05 pm, Thursday, 2009/02/05
  * Where: Linux Australia teleconference, and #LACTTE IRC channel
== Notes ==

  1. Accept minutes from last meeting
  2. {*} Follow up on wiki updates.
	New wiki for organisers / trac is up.  Organisers invited to have a 
play and give feedback.

  3. {*} Updates on Ghosts '10 timetable

  4. {*} Update on F2F timetable?
	Currently set to 21/22 March 2009.

	Action item: Stewart to talk to Andrew Cowie re: council discussions 
and attendance at F2F.
	Action item: Stewart to investigate holding F2F at Sun's offices as 
meeting space.
	Action item: Steve and Stewart to investigate accommodation options.

  5. {*} Grants:
     5a. BarCamp Adelaide - general funding for venue, merch, catering

	Requirement to specify exact funding requirements, and discussion of 
set funding limits for Bar Camp requests.

     5b. Christian Ramilo - approx $1980

     5c. StixCamp Newstead - approx $500 - 600

	MOTION: That the grants limit be waived for Christian Ramilo's 
application to accommodate an upgrade of RAM in PCs quoted as per LA 
council request.
	Motion: Steve Walsh, Seconded: Leah Duncan, CARRIED.

	All three grants to go to LA mailing list.

  6. {*} Anything else?

	LA to extend PLI to LUGs ?
	Action item: Stewart to sit in on next LUGComms meeting to investigate 
interest and requirements by LUG stakeholders.

== Finish - 8:42 pm ==

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