[Linux-aus] Young Aussies say pirated software is OK

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Feb 11 10:38:57 EST 2009

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Harry WWC wrote:
| hang on a sec...
| (disclaimer - I am a TAFE Teacher in IT)
|> the problem is that the education places (TAFE, uni, etc) train you in MS
|> and jobs NEED you to use and know MS windows and related software (MS
office, photoshop, etc)
|> until this cycle is broken at group of us well pirate software
| we are *required* to teach the main tools used in commercial businesses.
| People come to us to learn the tools used in business.

Would an electrician be expected to train their apprentices in using only
Clipsal fittings, or Makita drills, because that's the "main tool" used?
Would you expect an apprentice who used only Clipsal equipment and Makita
drills to come to your house and say "Oh, you have Arlec fittings, I can't do
the job?"

In no other industry does one player not only own the lion's share of the
business, but push the agenda of domination in every aspect of the business.
It is a shame to see people propagating the idea that there is only one way to
do anything - Microsoft's.

I donated some computers to a charity here in Canberra a while back, and I
asked them what they thought of Linux.  They replied, "Oh, no, we don't
install that here, we supply them with Microsoft software because that's what
businesses expect people to use."  Then I asked what software they installed.
~ "We have a special deal with Microsoft: we install Windows 2000 and Microsoft
Works."  And this is supposed to help them?  An operating system and an
'office' package that is completely different from what they're likely to
encounter at any place that employs them?  It's absolutely crazy.

We all need to push against this implicit endorsement of proprietary software
where possible.

Have fun,

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