[Linux-aus] Young Aussies say pirated software is OK

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Are businesses using those tools on a statistically significant basis?  
Which businesses were sampled?
I'm half convinced that there's some sort of selection bias in these  
sorts of discussions. I don't doubt that proprietary tools are more  
prevalent in a great many sectors, but I've anecdotally worked at a  
number of places who didn't care what tools you used for a given job  
as long as the file formats are interchangeable.

That said, I know CIT (ACT's TAFE equivalent) do a fair bit of Linux  
training, so it's not like F/OSS is totally unrepresented in the  
education sector (at least locally).

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On 08/02/2009, at 1:37 PM, Harry WWC wrote:

> hang on a sec...
> (disclaimer - I am a TAFE Teacher in IT)
>> the problem is that the education places (TAFE, uni, etc) train you  
>> in MS software
>> and jobs NEED you to use and know MS windows and related software  
>> (MS office, photoshop, etc)
>> until this cycle is broken at group of us well pirate software
> we are *required* to teach the main tools used in commercial  
> businesses.
> People come to us to learn the tools used in business.
> I have had this 'discussion' with my Head Teachers a number of times.
> And the end result is them asking me "what is business using?" The
> answer is (of course) "MS-Office / Photoshop / Dreamweaver /
> VisualStudio.NET / MS-SQL Server / MS-WindowsOS / etc."
> I have often offered FOSS alternatives, and indeed, in my classes I  
> show
> (and *use*) FOSS.
> But this does not change the fact that what is used in 'the real
> world' (defined as where people can earn money) is in general no FOSS.
> I wish it were different, and it is slowly changing here and there.
> Things like the eeePC and other NetBooks are helping, but it will be a
> while yet.
> {sigh}
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