[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Jobs List

Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Wed Dec 30 14:26:53 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'm Joshua Hesketh and I have recently been given the task of
revitalising the Linux Australia's Jobs List. The service is designed as
a place for businesses and employers to advertise positions and contract
jobs to the Linux Australia and greater community.

While this service undergoes an upgrade on the web front, we are using
the mailing list to advertise positions

So, if you are an employer seeking skilled individuals, please send an
email to the list detailing the job/contract and give contact details
(jobs at lists.linux.org.au). Now is a great time to advertise before
linux.conf.au where face-to-face interviews are easily arranged. If you
wish to advertise specifically to conference goers, you can leave your
details on the conference wiki to arrange meetings with interested
delegates (http://www.lca2010.org.nz/wiki/EmployerInterviews).

If you are looking for a job or further contract work, we encourage you
to subscribe to the list to hear about upcoming positions

For further details, and a soon to be updated website, please visit
http://linux.org.au/jobs/ .

Warm Regards,

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