[Linux-aus] Running for Linux Australia Council

James Purser james at jamespurser.com.au
Sun Dec 27 15:30:34 EST 2009

Hi my name is James Purser, you may remember me from such podcasts as
Open Source On The Air and the Linux Australia podcast.

I'm going to be running for the role of Vice President.

I've decided to return to the arena for a couple of reasons: 

Firstly the time off over the last couple of years has allowed me to
rebuild the passion that I once had for topics FOSSy. After two years on
the then Committee I needed a break to concentrate on getting my head on
straight on building up my business. 

Secondly I think Linux Australia has sort of lost its way. We seem to
have lost that passion and drive that put us in the middle of the issues
such as the copyright fight. Now we face a whole new raft of challenges
and opportunities, and we need to be able to get up there and reclaim
the right to represent our community. 

So what would I like to see happen in 2010? 

* FOSSGov Working Group: In talking with people in the Government sector
I know there is an undercurrent of support for Free and Open Source
Software that while may not be reflected in current purchasing
practices, can certainly be built on. I would love to see a working
group that involves people from all levels of Government and that
provides assistance to those Government people in sorting the wheat from
the chaff when it comes to FOSS. 

* Grants Scheme: We need to revive the interest in the Grants scheme. It
was/is a great programme that has done good things in the past and can
do in the future. 

* More Engagement: Basically we as an organisation need to re-engage
with the rest of the world. With organisations like Google releasing
some really interesting projects as Open Source (Chrome The Browser,
Chromium The OS, Wave, etc, etc), the opportunity is there for Linux
Australia to highlight other projects that are also FOSS.

In terms of what I've done in the past, I've been a committee member for
two years, produced the above mentioned podcasts, slogged it out in the
industry in roles as varied as Help Desk Support to network
administrator and developer.

I'm a day to day user of FOSS and an committed tinkerer with shiny new

Whoever wins this upcoming election, it is good to see that there
appears to be people who are willing to step up.

James Purser

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