[Linux-aus] Running for Linux Australia Council

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sun Dec 27 14:40:48 EST 2009

Hi - My name is Steve Walsh, and I'm standing for the position of 
President in the Linux Australia 2010 Election.

You all know me already from such LA elections as 2007, 2008 and 2009. 
I've been involved with the LA Community since 2005, as well as spending 
time co-ordinating CLUG. I was the Network and Tech manager for LCA2008, 
and was the Network Engineer for LCA2009.

I work as a Linux System Administrator supporting e-research and 
collaboration systems within the Higher Education Sector, and also run a 
small boutique web hosting / colocation company. I worked at an ISP 
during the dot-boom, and have endured stints in engineering for both 
print and visual media outlets.

If elected to the position of President, I intend to carry on my work of 
2008, and 2009, re-invigorating the council and renewing the enthusiasm 
of the community, as well as continuing on the work of previous Presidents.

I also intend to work with the technical sub-committees (Mirror, Web, 
ZooKeepr and Admin), ensuring they have their needs represented at 
council meetings, and to ensure they have what they need to working.

I'm not doing this as part of any party or group, nor do I have any 
Mandates or Platforms. I'm standing for the position of President as 
I've been involved in the Council for 3 years, one as an OCM in 2007, 
and two as Vice-President in 2008 and 2009, giving me an insight into 
the Organisation and the Council. I know what's broken, and I have a 
pretty good idea what needs to be fixed.

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