[Linux-aus] LA's SFD CD Run

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Aug 24 23:21:41 EST 2009

Hi Folks

Every year, LA is asked to do a run of varying numbers of Open CD's (or 
equivalent) for the SFD events as part of our yearly team assistance 
(along with provide PLI coverage, etc). However, it's always a bit of a 
stab in the dark about the exact numbers needed for each team. An 
example was last year, where the initial figure of 50,000 CDs was 
raised, which was scaled back to 8,000 CDs, resulting in some teams 
having their initial request doubled (or in some cases quadrupled), and 
getting far more than was needed for a SFD run.

Some of these groups still have boxes of in various people's lounge 
rooms, garages, etc, which are branded for SFD 2008, which are now 
heading towards landfill, a not very ecologically sustainable practice.

The LA Council spent a fair bit of time discussing this issue at our 
Face to Face meeting earlier in the year, and came up with a solution, 
which this email is outlining. Linux Australia will order up to 2500 
Blank, Professionally (ie - CMYK Silk Screen) printed CD's with a 
Generic(ish) artwork for use by each LUG *or* SFD teams to distribute 
open software to members of the public. I'll elaborate more on the 
artwork below.

These CD's will be provided blank to LUGS for then to burn with software 
or a pre-built ISO (opendisc, etc) of FOSS software for events as they 
need. Whilst some people argue that a blank CD is next to useless as it 
still needs to be burnt with data, taking time, a LUG or SFD team could 
knock over burning 1500 Disks over the course of a planning meeting or 
two (we are all having planning meetings, right?), and then burn more on 
the day as they get mobbed and run low. As a LUG runs low, Linux 
Australia will order a "topup" run of CDs to allow these to be an "on 
going" resource for LUG's to use at things like Install/fix-fests, cake 
stalls, etc.

I know at least one person in a LUGComms meeting has raised concerns 
that the artwork will be "Sharpie Quality" ( ie - each CD scrawled on 
with magic marker), but it is intended that the artwork will be 
professionally screen printed in CMYK onto the CD's by a 
duplication/printing firm, but with a generic title (ie - "The Open 
software disc", etc), meaning that the media can service a number of 
uses over the year, while still maintaining a polished and effective 

What we would like is you, the Linux Australia community, to send 
through some ideas or drafts for the CD artwork. Go wild, but keep in 
mind it needs to fit a normal 8cm CD, and contain a brief explanation of 
what we're trying to do and achieve. For those who may not have seen the 
artwork for last years SFD run, it can be seen at 

As always, we want to hear your feedback, so please let us know if you 
think this is tha bomb, or is just bomb, if you'd all prefer year 
specific CD's run off each year with a fixed content, etc.



Steve Walsh
Vice President / Sysadmin team member - Linux Australia
Networks and Technology - Linux.conf.au 2008
Evil Network Bunny - Linux.conf.au 2009
Networking alpha geek - Linux.conf.au 2010

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