[Linux-aus] LCA bids -- wonderful presentation, but to what purpose?

Wayper, Paul paul.wayper at transact.com.au
Tue Sep 9 15:37:46 EST 2008

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> From: Peter Lieverdink
> I put together the PDF for the successful Melbourne bid, by 
> pulling info from the wiki and making it look pretty. That 
> particular job
> (copy/paste/format/export) took about an evening, and I 
> actually enjoyed doing it.
> I don't think LA should be stipulating that people who have 
> graphics and/or design skills shouldn't be using those skills 
> to help their team win the bid. Especially if they *enjoy* 
> using those skills[1].

I can understand Glen Turner's concern that the whole 'bidding' process
might turn into a huge expense with little reward for those teams that
don't win.  No-one wants the process to turn into a kind of potlatch,
where bidding costs far more (in time, money, effort, or whatever) than
actually running LCA.

But AFAICS the reward for not winning is that you have a bid document
that is lined up that needs a little updating but is basically ready to
enter for next year.  And while bids can be assisted by tourism
development companies, this doesn't change the fact that the team
preparing them are volunteers.  All the evidence from the list seems to
be that preparing a decent, attractive proposal assists the team to make
a good LCA, rather than hinders it.

To me the only pity is that, with three excellent bids all for places
I'd love to go next year, I end up with having to wait for up to three
years for those bids to succeed!  A pro-forma technical document may
make it useful to compare apples with apples, but I think we also have
to allow the teams to make their bid attractive too!

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