[Linux-aus] LCA bids -- wonderful presentation, but to what purpose?

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Tue Sep 9 13:51:58 EST 2008

I put together the PDF for the successful Melbourne bid, by pulling info
from the wiki and making it look pretty. That particular job
(copy/paste/format/export) took about an evening, and I actually enjoyed
doing it.

I don't think LA should be stipulating that people who have graphics
and/or design skills shouldn't be using those skills to help their team
win the bid. Especially if they *enjoy* using those skills[1].

At the end of the day I think a team with a well rounded skill set
*WILL* in fact put on a better LCA than a team that doesn't.

- P.

[1] I do not want to make any implicit claim I have graphics and/or
design skills ;-)
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