[Linux-aus] Grant request: video camera hire for AussieChix microconference

harrywwc harry at woodward-clarke.com
Sat Oct 25 09:21:20 EST 2008

I think this is a "good idea", and would even be willing to put a 
_personal_ donation towards this if the Committee decide 'nah'. I reckon 
  3 or 4 of us together could knock the cost over pretty quickly.


Mary Gardiner wrote:
> Grant request per procedures at http://www.linux.org.au/projects/grants/
> Date: 25 October 2008
> Project Name: AussieChix microconference
> Aim of Project:
> The AussieChix microconference is a one day event on October 25 (today,
> as it's just past midnight as I send this). It's organised by Alice
> Boxhall and myself and designed to be an informal event to give
> AussieChix members and other interested women in Australia public
> speaking experience. This experience is highly valuable in the Free
> Software community: ability to present at conferences is an important
> skill.
> This event is designed to complement the miniconference we are having at
> linux.conf.au, by being more informal and having a smaller audience.
> More information is up at
> http://conf.au.linuxchix.org/2008-microconference-sydney-and-melbourne
> Person Responsible for Request: Mary Gardiner
> Request:
> The facilities for this event are largely being donated by Google
> Australia: access to their offices in Sydney and Melbourne and video
> conferencing equipment.
> However, Google has the ability to record talks for later viewing in
> Sydney, but not in Melbourne. We would like to make video of the talks
> available online (when the speaker consents) and are hiring a camera in
> Melbourne. The request is for the cost of this hire.
> Details:
> Hiring company: Abacus http://www.abacusrentit.com.au/
> Cost: $181.50 for hire of camera, plus all media etc.
> If awarded this grant, we commit to the footage of the Melbourne talks
> being available within one month, ie 25 November.
> (If not awarded the grant, I will self-fund this cost, but since I am a
> student this is not a trivial expense.)
> -Mary
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