[Linux-aus] Microsoft Offer to Australian University Students

Jonathan Wheare Jonathan.Wheare at flinders.edu.au
Fri Mar 7 07:49:40 UTC 2008

Janet Hawtin wrote:
> http://documentfreedom.org/
> and this one if youre feeling keen 26 March

This may also be relevant - I was sent a link to a report about the 
adoption of vista and office 2007.

The report is quite critical about the poor support that office 2007 has 
for the ODF format. It ends with:

The ICT industry should be pro-active in configuring the products they ship
to schools and colleges to allow easy access to a ‘free-to-use’ office
productivity application – ideally one that is open source.
When specifying new systems, schools and colleges should normally insist
on the desktop having access to office productivity software that is capable
of opening, editing and saving documents in the international standard ODF,
and setting it as the default file format. Such products should be 
procured on
the basis that they can be made available to students, teachers and parents
for home use without attracting additional licensing costs.
Schools and colleges should exercise caution in their use of trial versions
of commercial software – particularly where students, parents or teachers
may feel that the only way to access the files generated is to buy a copy of
the software."


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