[Linux-aus] Grant proposal: Software Freedom Day CDs for Australia

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Jun 17 14:25:30 EST 2008

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Donna Benjamin wrote:
| ----- "Martin Visser" <martinvisser99 at gmail.com> wrote:
| Hey Martin,
|> Maybe this is dumb observation, but what is wrong with asking for a
|> gold coin donation when we give out CDs that LA pays for.
| I don't think this is dumb at all. I like your assertion that it may help to
distinguish free as in beer, and free as in speech... and encouraging people
to share the CD, make copies of it, and pass it on should also increase the
value of the offering.  The disc costs money - what's on it is pure freedom.

I'm totally in favour of this idea.  The software on the CD is free, the CDs
still cost money to produce.  It's another good way for groups to raise money
to offset the printing costs.  And it's right there in the GPL.

But if it's a choice between giving CDs out for free and only giving them away
to people that are willing to pay for the CD, then I'll go for the former
every day.  We'll have a 'donations for CD printing costs' box there on the
stand on the day, but we'll also be giving away CDs.

Have fun,

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