[Linux-aus] Barcamp Gold Coast Grant

Steve Dalton linux at steve.dalts.net
Wed Jun 11 20:17:23 EST 2008

Hi Everyone

I was just looking on the linux.org.au website and noticed the section  
on grants - is this scheme still active? I seem to remember at LCA  
there was some talk about it being modified - is the info on the  
website current?

I am currently on the lookout for some sponsorship for BarCamp Gold  
Coast on 5th July - the first event like this on the Gold Coast  
(nothing ever seems to happen here). I also helped organise the  
previous 2 barcamps in Brisbane and at the last one the only sponsor  
we were able to get was Microsoft. While I was happy to take the money  
($1000 less that they can spend on suing open source developers) I was  
a little disappointed that none of the OSS companies came to the party  
(we had 60 people at the event at the peak of the day).

Theres some info about the Barcamp at http://barcamp.org/BarCampGoldCoast

Anyway - would LA be able to contribute a small amount? - I don't mind  
if it's a really small amount, it would just give a nice signal other  
potential sponsors.

Happy to submit a proper proposal in the correct format - just wanted  
to check on the procedure before I wasted my time with out of date  


ps. If anyone has any contacts in any of the big Gold Coast companies  
that might be able to offer sponsorship - please get in touch - I  
listed a few I know of here: http://barcamp.org/BarCampGoldCoastOrganisation

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