[Linux-aus] Final nominations for LA election

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 21:12:44 UTC 2008

On Jan 18, 2008 1:14 AM, Bret Busby <bret at busby.net> wrote:

> What I think would be good, would be not a requirement for a person
> from each state to fill a position as an ordinary committee memmber,
> but, rather a provision for an ordinary committee member position to
> exist for each state/territory, so that, if no-one nominates (or is
> nominated) to represent a state/territory, then the position remains
> vacant.

Alternatively folks could look at who is nominated through the
nomination process, (before nominations close)
and say heck there's noone who can speak about things which are
happening in my area or talk to my local lug about LA things.. Think
I'll ask a [local community member] and see if theyre interested.
Works for me =)

Some areas like Ballarat are quite active and some areas are smaller atm.
States/Territories are not necessarily equivallent to the natural hubs of floss?
Rural voices are good too.

Regions which do not get someone on committee can also contribute
actively through
sub committees and grants. Nothing wrong with giving that process a work out.
We can also talk at the lug events about whats happening with LCA and
other LA events
as people who are on this list.

Might be groovy to get some posts back into the list about what is
happening in regional lugs too.

The committee is a legal mechanism. Finances, LCA those
kinds of things things we want people to get their heads around.
We dont need to do all things through that engine.

Nothing wrong with couch surfing and lug speaking as an informal thing.
Distributed activity gives us better capacity and diversity.
Perhaps we could use a subcommittee to practice committee in training stuff?


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